Practice Schedule March 23 - COVID-19


As we continue going through some serious and confusing times, we can only encourage a common sense approach in keeping physical engagement and normality for all the athletes. 

As of right now, we are taking this opportunity to make this the mandetory time off, that we are required to take in-between short course and long course season, so come mid-april we dont have to take those days off for spring break and continue into our season.

As you might be aware all facilities are closed until Tuesday March 31. We are waiting to hear more from USA Swimming, USA Olympic Commitie, CDC, and WHO with further instructions on having practices after this break is done, starting next week monday. Our first priority is the safety of all athletes, so once the guidline come out on conducting practices (Dry-land and in water) we will follow them, so we can start our long course season and have a bit of normaltiy back in our athletes lifes. 

During this time we recommend MOVEMENT of any kind to stimulate the cardionvascular system, so literally anyting structured or unstructured is recommended. Just break a bit of a sweat inside or outside to keep those muscles engaged.

Everyone is encouraged to seek further information using the CDC and the WHO website:  CDC & WHO

We will continue to stay responsible during this social isolation, stay away from large crowds, and be respectful to all the CDC guidlines so this can pass quickly. 

I am looking forward in starting the long course season soon! Stay safe and healthy 

Coach George