Week 1 S&C Challenge

Hello swimmers!

Below are the S&C Workouts for each group.  Some things will require you to go outside.  Please follow the recommended CDC regulations for being around others. I am including the link to the CDC about students being home during this time.

For what I am sending please stay at least 6 feet way from anybody who is working out with you outside. Everything may be completed in your driveway or backyard.  If you have dumbbells or weights at home great!  If not grab that can of soup or vegetables from the pantry and lets rock and roll! No jump rope? Group a couple of belts and hook them together or a rope. No exercise ball? Then sit on the side of your bed or ottoman in the living room. If you need a partner, grab a sibling or a parent.  Get everybody involved!  This first week is very basic, no equipment needed.  Next week we will start pulling out the toys and getting down to business.

Remember to be eligible for the gift card for each group you must post a picture or video on the team FB page or the Circle C Aquatic FB page.  Only one workout a day counts. So post daily and feel free to encourage your teammates via comments (positive only). The swimmer who does the most workouts in each group and posts the documentation will be the winner.  If there is a tie then we will draw on the day we return to swimming for a winner.

Circle C Select Swim S&C Exercise Definitions


Silver and Gold

PrSr and Sr

If you have any questions please email or call me 210-632-4344.

Good Luck!

Coach Jennie Lou