Team Mobility 3-23


Monday-Motor control/quality  

Let's examine the relationship between your torso, hips and shins.  

You'll need a mirror. 

  1. Perform an air squat in front of a mirror. Keep feet shoulder width apart and maintain a straight torso; no leaning over.  Good job!
  2. Now, air squat with hands interlocking behind the head. Things to watch for: is your back flat or rounding? Are you looking up/down or forward? Are your shins vertical or are you shifting your weight to the outer corners of your feet? Are you keeping your weight in your heels? Try to perform this movement perfectly where you can see yourself 10-20 times slowly. 
  3. Next, try an air squat with arms locked overhead in a tight streamline. Is your torso upright? How about shins and feet?  

Look out for:

 Not hitting depth vs proper depth

 Flat back vs Rounded           


How do we improve our squat in these positions? Mobilize the hips! Tight hips can lead to low back pain, lack of power pushing off the wall and smaller range of motion in fly kicks. Here are some valuable stretches to mobilize these areas and improve mobility in these squat positions.  

 90/90 HipStretch   Internally rotating one hip while externally rotating the other 

 Couch Stretch        Lower leg flexion+hip extension 

Follow the links above and spend 3-5 minutes on each stretch. Now, try the above squat progressions again. What changes do you see? Keep working! Perfect practice makes perfect.