New Facebook Group for Workouts!!!

Hey RUSH Swimmers!!!

Your coaches have been working on a way to get workouts to you guys while we are all stuck at home! We miss you all so much and can't wait to be back in the water!!! But, in the mean time let's get together vitually as a team! 

The set up is pretty simple:
1. Join the Facebook group:

2. Wait for a coach to approve your request. This is only available for current RUSH members and will be edited monthly. 

3. Read workouts daily and watch any exercise tutorials provided

4. Try not to laugh to hard at your coach and her video skills :) 

5. Complete the workout and post a video, picture, score or comment! All comments will be approved by a coach before posted to the group. Older swimmers please keep in mind that this is available for all ages of RUSH swimmers. If any comment is inappropriate it will be deleted. 

6. Bronze and Silver swimmers will have short workouts available and/or challenges a few days a week! 

7. Gold and Senior swimmers will have to complete 5 workouts per week. 

Thanks everyone!!! 
Coach Sam