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Update, Monday 3/23/20

 Hey All, 

Happy Monday! As we are entering week 2 of Shelter in Place, I am sure that everyone is looking for something to do as a family, that also has some personal benefits as well! As a note to parents, we will be sending out a more adult update in addition to our daily update on Thursday or Friday, the news seems to be changing so quickly (and everything else seems to be taking SO LONG) that we are still just trying to get a metric as to where we are. 

Here is a fun game from Coach Paul that your family can play together that will also help you all stay in shape!

Your daily workout today will be to play a game of Jenga (or what you can find) and to post your workout to instagram please remember to tag PASADKS in your workout so the coaches and your friends can check them out! Help our seniors out by giving them lots of workouts to post for our instagram!

1992 is when the USOC took control of a lot of their videos, but the coaches are commited to getting you guys some fun and inspirational videos for your days. Check out these videos that inspired your coaches to pursue swimming, hopefully they can inspire you as well!

This video is not the best quality, but if you keep your eye on lane 6- thats Sergey from Fastlane Tek! The man who makes almost all of the Meets in our are run!

You can't talk about the '92 Olympics without talking about Alexander Popov! The King of the Sprints!

Mel Stewart (who started swimming a commanding performance in the 200 Fly; from start to finish- great performance!

If you are loking for something to do (and have the means), please consider looking into supporting a locally owned, small business-

Thank you all and don't forget to head to to see your daily #PASAChallenge and tag @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics as well as @PASADKS in your challenge and with your monday workout!