Coho Training Report Monday 23 March 2020

LCSC Coho Training Report                Monday 23 March 2020

Good afternoon, Coho swimmers interested in continuing preparations for a long-term successful swimming career,

Our swimmers and our team, like all swimmers and teams across the world, are feeling the absence of completing this spring’s goals.  Although we may not be able to replace this championship season, we are well on the way to being prepared for the next few! 

Today is a day of celebration for the success of our 2019-2020 short-course season.  Official results are now complete, and LCSC has moved up both in the state and national rankings.  Using USA Swimming’s Virtual Club Championship results, LCSC moved from 37th to 32nd in the overall state rankings, and from 1,073rd to 1027th in the nation.  These rankings are based on official times during the racing season for swimmers ages 11-18:
These improvements demonstrate the Coho Nation accumulation of skills and training time.  Keep up the great work!
Again, thank you for your long-term commitment to swimming excellence and congratulations to all of our team members for a fantastic Winter 2020.  Your daily training has allowed you to become a stronger, more focused person.  During this sustained period of time away from the pool, reminding yourself daily about your long-term goals, and acting upon those goals each and every day has beneficial impact.  To help you stay focused and productive, we present a daily report with suggestions to improve strength and technique.

Monday Suggestions for continuing Coho training:
1. Review your goals for this month’s events and evaluate your performance.  Take time to review your goals and performances over the short-course season:  Were you satisfied with your overall performance this season?  What worked well?  Where could your performance be strengthened?  What training improvements can be made for the long-course season?  What are your personal goals for the upcoming long-course season and the 2020-2021 short-course season?  Give yourself time to enjoy this season’s work, and start thinking about where you want to be at the end of the next two seasons.
2. Keep a diary of your daily physical fitness, and workout 2-3 times per day. Don’t overdo it, and don’t underdo it.  At a minimum, run through 30-60 minutes of calisthenics and then complete shoulder stretches.  Coaches will provide specific dry land work for each day of the week.  This will include med ball exercises, jumping rope, and running.  If you are able to get your hands on a med ball, awesome!  If not, then mimic the movements with a substitute weight.  If you are not familiar with our dry land training, research some strength training and get it going.  
Here are today’s suggested routines:
Celebrate! If we were at the pool, then Torpedo would be the main focus this week.  A great season of work deserves some quality play time!  Dry land would be canceled this week as we dial down the workload heading into Spring Break.  Since our underwater work during championships was good, but not great, the rope would be up to continue our ability to accelerate past the “blue dot” and mid-pool.  
Take a look at Caleb Dressel’s underwater work in the 100 free:
and the 100 fly:
Note the number of underwater dolphin kicks off the start and turn in the 100 free, and the transition to a powerful flutter kick.  In the fly, Caleb takes full advantage of the 15 meters underwater on both the start and the turn.  How long do you think he’s been working on those moves?
Warmup, do calisthenics of choice, building up your pushups, pullups, and V ups, and then complete shoulder stretches
Stretching: legs, back, shoulders
3. Visualize success often.  If you are thinking about a college athletic adventure, watch video of the college league meets.  Big Tens, SEC, PAC 12, etcetera, there are many great races to watch and analyze.  Take notes on what you can improve in your races to reach those heights!
Thank you for your teamwork throughout the season.  
Stay safe and stay fit, focus on success.  
Resistance is a part of life, keep swimming upstream!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches