To Our Membership,
We hope this message finds everyone healthy and you are reaping the benefits of spending time with your family. The Duneland Swim Club Board and Coaching staff wanted to reach out to everyone to address a few things past, present, and future. 
First, our hearts go out to all that were unable to compete in the state meets this past season, whether senior or age group. For many of you, it was going to be your first, your best, or your last.  You all worked so hard to achieve your goals and we couldn't be more proud of you and your grace in handling the unfortunate news of the cancellations. 
This is a time to reflect on so many things in life. Sometimes we are steered in a different direction to realize what is important.  Often we take for granted what we have every day.  Once something is taken away, we realize how much of a privilege it was, how much we love it, and we can't wait to have it back.  This can be a really good thing!  Once we get it back, maybe we won't take it for granted, maybe we will work harder, maybe we will inspire others, maybe we will have a greater hunger for our goals, maybe we will set and achieve goals we never thought possible.  Don't give up, don't be defeated!  It's not that we were challenged that is important, but whether we try to overcome that challenge and how we do it that is. We have seen many athletes who have been out of swimming for a year or more, and come back with a vengeance.  You just have to believe!   In these uncertain times, we have to look for the positive and do the best with what we can control; don't waste time and energy on the uncontrollable.  
Second, in addressing the current time in our season, all of us would be on a break right now.  We encourage you to enjoy your break as you would if everything was business as usual.  It's important to stay active, but also for your body to have some good recovery time.  Make sure whatever you do, you are practicing social distancing.  You can do yoga, stretching, go out for a run, walk, bike ride, etc., but please help slow the spread and keep your distance from others you are not regularly in contact with.  
Third and finally, regarding our near future, we are planning on sending some information regarding dryland workouts for our training groups around the first week of April.  As all of you know, schools are closed until at least May 1st.  Because we use the school facilities, we are also restricted from using the pools until May 1st.  We are hopeful that we will be able to start our Spring/Summer season shortly thereafter.  We will address all issues surrounding this delay as we get closer and as we receive updates from our school corporation, Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming.  
We miss you all very much and wish you the best in these trying times. 
The Duneland Board of Directors and Coaching Staff