COVID 19 update


Dear Age Group Families,


I hope this message finds you safe and well.  We are facing some very difficult times in recent history.  As of now, I believe each of us has no greater obligation than to limit our exposure to others, and most especially, the elderly among us.  While other generations were called to war, we are called to stay home.  While this is harder than many of us may have imagined, it is the best thing we can do to flatten the curve and support our amazing medical professionals and first responders that are putting their own lives at risk.  The Marin Pirate coaches would like to thank all of our parents who are nurses, medical assistants, doctors, police officers, firefighters and essential service providers. 


It is the hope to keep the team viable and solvent for the swimmers to come back, once it is safe to resume regular operations.  In an attempt to stay in lockstep with other teams, I have been in contact with colleagues and teams from around Pacific swimming.  I have had fluid conversations discussing and brainstorming during this crisis.  There will be different steps taken during this time for each team, with its own unique circumstances.  Some organizations will continue to charge at a decreased or adjusted rate, some will suspend dues.  


Forevers Aquatics in association/partnership as Marin Pirates Age Group program will suspend monthly age group charges for April.  Our budget is based on the seasonal membership, monthly dues, expenses which include rent and coaches’ salaries and hourly wages, payroll taxes, insurance cost, plus standard expenses just like any normal month.   A re-evaluation will be made sometime in April regarding the month of May and beyond. We do not want to charge our membership any more than needed to maintain a program, but we do need to keep our staff who will continue to run the program.  As a team we can weather this storm together. 

The coaching staff will begin to provide services to our membership to complete at home.  The coaches will be working on interactive challenges for each training group.  Perhaps videos to swimmers related to technique, drills and/or articles that are pertinent from Pacific and USA Swimming.  This is all in the works based on the ever- changing time frame for which we may be sheltering in place.  The goal will be to keep the kids busy and active at home and provide a sense of community through this period of isolation.   Coaches would like to make sure all of our MP swimmers stay connected to each other, connected to the team, and are staying fit.  Please look for more information coming from your swimmer’s coaches in the coming weeks

The strength of our community is truly being tested at this time.  This is an unusual circumstance that we are dealing with, but we want to emphasize how much time our coaches give back to our kids and this is our opportunity as a team to stick with us, give back to them and our program to help make sure we stay strong!  Thank you so much for sticking with us through this challenging time.  Stay safe!


Be safe and take care.

Age Group Coaches Tom, Eric, Sarah, Nick, Kelsey