Spring/COVID-19 Team Update

Hello all,


We hope that everyone is doing ok and coping with this difficult situation as well as possible. At this point, we know that nothing will be starting before April 7th. From a Park District standpoint, no additional information has been discussed since our last update.


Please follow all recommendations on social distancing, wash your hands and stay healthy so we can move forward quicker. As new information continues to unfold, we will continue to keep everyone updated.


With regard to refunds, they will be assessed once the Park District is back in operation. With this unprecedented case, the Park District will do them once registration staff are able to operate normally.


You can also still register online if you have not already.


On a side note, for anyone that is getting antsy and would like to get back into some physical activity, we will be posting dry land workouts to the team Facebook page starting next week. These workouts aren’t just for swimmers, but can be enjoyed by the entire family. We will offer a variety of workouts that will include modifications if you have equipment or need to ease into the activity.


Live slow, swim fast