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Team Email - 3/23/2020

Hello Sharks!

Hope you are all sheltering in place and finding a new schedule to work with each day.
We miss our athletes fiercely and hope we can provide some stability for your athletes at this time.

Five highlights for this week:

1). This week, we will have two insta-live “shark-out-of-water” sessions (that we will put on youtube). Coach Josh will be leading a dryland segment on Tuesday (3/24) at noon and Coach Kristen will have a yoga session at noon on Friday (3/27).

a.If you missed last Saturday’s yoga – here’s the YOUTUBE LINK.

2). Look for group emails from your lead coaches over the coming days to fill you in on group specific activities – whether it’s a zoom meeting or group artistic challenge – the coaches are really coming up with some great ideas.

3). Registration – again, this seems like a weird thing to think about, but as we are looking at how we’re going to program upon our return, this gives us a good idea of how many athletes we will be programming for and what we can budget for responsibly as a small business. We have opened up the Water Polo & Masters registration as well, so please feel free to commit to our program now.

a.CLICK HERE to register.

b.In the event that your athlete does not participate in the summer programming, this registration will allow for them to gain priority registration in the fall and the $100 will be applied to the season fees at that point.

4). Safe Sport (currently just for USA Swimming) – This is a great time to familiarize yourself with the safe sport programming at USA Swimming and help our team achieve safe sport recognition. We need 15% of all parents and 15% of all athletes 12 & Over to complete safe sport training. As of today, we are at 6.5% parents and 2.5% athletes – so let’s take advantage of this time off!

a.Safe Sport Training for Athletes – CLICK HERE!

b.Safe Sport Training for Parents – CLICK HERE!

5). Community Form – if you need anything – whether it’s a quick motivational note or a if you have or need a resource – let us know and we’ll work to help you out!

Thanks again for all your support – as a small business we’re taking this opportunity to help our athletes grow out of the pool and we appreciate having each person as part of our shark family!

Here’s a quick video to enjoy – nothing like a little basketball in the absence of March Madness (Coach Alexis' second favorite sporting event).
I’m an NC State alumni and bleed Wolfpack Red – so here’s a little video on the original Cinderella team. If you want to learn even more - ESPN 30for30 has a great one called Survive and Advance that I strongly recommend.