Board Governed Club Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As a part of USA Swimming’s commitment to building swim clubs, we are providing resources to help board governed clubs become even more effective in their roles, through our organizational membership with BoardSource.

BoardSource is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership.

Information from BoardSource:

  1. BoardSource is committed to supporting board and staff leaders during this trying time. While all BoardSource staff will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, we do not anticipate any interruptions to the availability of membership resources. As always, we are here to assist your networks with good governance! Two membership resources we’d like to callout as they may be useful during this time for individuals within your network include:
    1. Ask-an-Expert Email Service
    2. BoardSource Exchange
  2. BoardSource has created information on  How Nonprofits and Board Members Can Respond to COVID-19. Here you will find Q&A with BoardSource’s Ask-an-Expert team, resources for nonprofit leaders, and an invitation to join a Facebook Live event on March 25 with BoardSource CEO Anne Wallestad and Chair Cathy Trower. Please continue to check back to this  page as we will be adding additional information.
  3. BoardSource has published a blog post on  What Nonprofit Board Members Should Be Doing Right Now to Address the COVID-19 Situation.

Additional links:

Going Remote Overnight: Preparing for the Coronavirus (NOBL Academy)

Running Effective Virtual Nonprofit Meetings: 9 Best Practices for Facilitating Engagement (Beth Kanter)

Virtual Meetings Untangled (BoardSource, temporarily now a free download)

Remote Workers and Telecommuting Practices for Nonprofits (National Council of Nonprofits)

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This is good for a coach and any member of your board and/or booster organization (each should sign up individually)