L3 Email from Coach DawnElla

Good morning! 

I am so sorry that I cannot see you everyday. I hope that you are well and keeping up with homework and whatever else you can do around the house to help out. If you don’t have homework, then find a couple of good books to read. If you need suggestions ask your parents, or friends, or teachers, or Emily!

I am well and am at home. I honestly cannot remember a time when I have not been on a pool deck of some sort or another (even on vacations) . . . even when my two boys were younger and we went to visit family or on vacation there was always a pool somewhere, so this is a unique experience. In my neighborhood people are doing chalk drawings to brighten the sidewalk and some people are putting up holiday lights to brighten the mood.

It would be great if you all would keep up on your 10-minute warm-up routine (lunges, jump rope, arm circles, streamline jumps, plank, push ups, etc.) And I would suggest a 10-15 minute run added to that as well to keep up the cardio. 

Here are two 10-minute yoga sessions that I enjoy and have been doing every day:

Coach Dave is posting some good stuff on the CAST website. It includes a basic dry land and video suggestions. I would like L3 to follow along.

GoSwim on YouTube is a great resource:

Planet Fitness also has some Facebook Live Training sessions that are 20-30 minutes long you can do live or later. You can find them on YouTube here:

Take care. It will be okay. It will just take time, and patience, and good judgment. Be safe and as always if you have any questions, please let me know.   

- Coach DawnElla