ASSA COVID-19 Updates.


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March 16, 2020

Dear Club Presidents and Members

Re:SummerSwimSeasonandCOVID -19

Please feel free circulate to your membership.

Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) and Swim Alberta recognize these are uncertain times and we are all trying to wrap our heads around what is next. In making decisions, Swim Alberta and ASSA are following all recommendations and guidelines of the Government of Alberta through Alberta Health Services as the provincial lead and the Government of Canada.

On Sunday, the Government of Alberta closed all schools in the province. Facility closures across the province started to begin late last week and have continued through the weekend and into this week. Schools and facilities have closed with no date set at this point to re-open.

Swimming Canada on March 13th advised all provincial sections that all sanctioned competitions and time trials for the period March 16 – April 20 were to be suspended. A decision of the period of April 21st – August 31st will be provided to provincial sections at a later date by Swimming Canada unless a decision by the leading government authorities has been determined before then. ASSA will align fully with any and all requirements of the government authorities as well as our sport governing bodies.

ASSA is continuing with preparations for the 2020 swim season and moving forward with club affiliation. Swim Alberta will continue to offer all scheduled training that has been communicated to the membership related to registrar training, meet management training, club official’s administrator training etc.  Swimmer registration and coach registration will be delayed until the week of April 20 th ,andatthattimeadeterminationforthesummerseasonwillbemade. Thiswillincludeeither a modified and shortened season commencing later in the summer or decision to suspend the upcoming summer season. In the event the season does not run, Club affiliation fees will be returned to all clubs.

A page has been established on the Swim Alberta website, where we will continue to post updates sent to the membership concerning COVID-19 of both year-round and summer clubs. As the new ASSA website is launched later in April, we will also post/link all updates to the ASSA website. At this time, information can be found here:  LINK TO COVID-19 UPDATES    SWIM ALBERTA

We will continue to monitor the everchanging situation using the most update information at the time and commit to providing ongoing information and updates to the ASSA membership.

Andre Harpe, President

Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Director Alberta Summer Swimming Association Swim Alberta