COVID-19 Pools and programs closed

 Hello All,

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has affected our lives and daily routines in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few short weeks ago.

 School closings led to pool closings, which has led to a cessation of our usual swim team schedules.  Further, we must now be mindful of “social distancing”, which means that any type of organized team activity – including dry land workouts – must likewise be canceled.

While we self-quarantine (or at least limit our normal social activities) it remains important that everyone stay in shape.  Good health (diet and exercise) is more an imperative than ever!

To this end, I want to make available to our swimmers a series of dry land exercises and swimming programs (for those of you with access to home pool) which one can implement to stay in shape and keep bodies conditioned for the day our normal swim team activities resume.

These exercises and programs are not team-affiliated; meaning our usual liability insurance coverage (which is included with your dues) is not in place. You are advised not to over-do any exercise and make sure adult supervision is available for each swimmer’s personal safety.

I am available by phone, email, or text to discuss training routines or issues which might crop up before, during, or after these workouts.  Our swimmers’ safety should remain our overriding concern and good health our most important goal.

I will keep you apprised of all developments and remain committed to ensuring our swimmers make it through this unexpected break in good shape!


I am looking forward to see you soon at the pool.

Lidia Menzies

Director of Swimming