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Update, Tuesday 3/24/20

Hey All, 

Welcome to Tuesday! We have a bunch of videos for you guys today, so have some fun with these!
First off, Coach Jason has a note about accountability. Teams are only as strong as their members and it is the responsibility of each member to make sure all the others are doing everything they can to achieve their individual goals every day!
As we all go through this, it is easy to get overwhelmed. One thing you can do is just to pick something you need to work on, create a 5x5 grid and fill it through out the day.  Remember that everything shared in these emails are completely OPTIONAL! I, Coach Dana, am terrible at push ups, when I wake up, I will make a 5x5 grid and then do 5 push ups and check off one of the squares, my goal is to check off all of the squares by the end of the day completing 125 push ups in the day. 125 seems overwhleming, but 5 is something I know I can do. Take small bites through out the day and get it done.
Also, many of our swimmers have noted that they have super tight shoulders. Let's take this opportunity, while we are all stuck inside, to change that. Everytime you, or your parent, walks through ANY door (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) You need to take 30s to stretch your shoulders, or 10s in each postion. Arms outstretched, body stretching through. Arms in a Y position, body stretching through, arms straight above your shoulders, body stretching through. 
And, as always in times like these, remember to dance it out.

1996, The Olympics returned to the United States in Atlanta! Rocked by tragedy that forced all the nations to come together and show the world what the words of Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the Modern Olympics, really meant: The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well. 

The passing on the torch from Evans to a new generation of distance swimmers inspired by her dominating performances through the 80's and early 90's.

Popov maintain dominance over the "upstart" Gary Hall Jr:

Amy Van Dyken getting it done from behind in the 100 Fly (in an era before the 15m rule):

And then, because DKS is known for our anchors, we end with a relay:
- check out Catherine Fox (Stanford) one of the best underwater and relay swimmers of all time and then the anchor, the best relay swimmer in USA Swimming history, Jenny Thompson. 

If you want more videos, Coach Bruce put together this playlist:


Ok- Let's talk about our OPTIONAL Tuesday Work Out- As always, Parents are STRONGLY encouraged to participate and to supervise- no swimmer should be without supervision, so, if youre already going to be there, might as well do it with your swimmer!!!!!
Warm Up: Check out this video of our team's Dynamic Warm Up from our Elite Kids:
We will start with the dynamic warm up
followed by
30s plank
10s rest
20s squats
10s rest
10s burpees (try to get 3-5 in AFAP)
10s rest
​30s flutter kicks
10s rest
20s push ups
10s rest
10s jumping lunges
10s rest
​30s Birddogs (
10s rest
20s rolling squat jumps (
10s rest
10s Tuck Jumps AFAP (
10s rest
Main OPTIONAL Workout- Please have parental participation and supervision!
spend 15 minutes working on your handstands and handstand walk ups
rest 3 minutes
spend 15 minutes working on your single leg squats

Spend about 10 minutes stretching and relaxing

More fun stuff coming to you tomorrow! Have fun- do it all together, reach out to one another, stay connected, stay safe, and have fun!