Team Mobility 3-25

Wednesday-Hip and ankle mobility

Let’s warm up first. Try these moves after 10-15 min of your favorite light aerobic movement:

2 rounds of :

  • Inchworm walkout to up/down dog
  • Lunge w twist
  • 90/90
  • Couch stretch

   Posterior Chain prep:

Challenge: Paper Pick Up Challenge! You can find this on Youtube or Google circa 2017-18   Fold a piece of paper in half. Place it so it is sitting like an open book in front of you on the floor. Stand on one leg. Now, grab the paper with your mouth without putting your other foot down. No cheating; the floor is lava so no touching!  If you succeed, GREAT JOB! Now, try with the paper on the floor like a tent, so it’s harder! We would love to see your efforts! Tag @Gulliverswimming so we can see your mobility!



 Staff try the Paper Pick Up Challenge

Paper Pick Up Challenge with variations