Online Olympic Master Class

Written by: Level 8 Alyssa and Coach Megan

During this time away from the gym, it has been our focus to continue to provide opportunities for our gymnasts to stretch, strengthen, and grow their love for rhythmic gymnastics. A unique opportunity to participate in an online Master Class lead by 2016 Rio Olympian Varvara Filiou (Greece) was shared on Instagram and Level 8 Alyssa was one of 100 lucky gymnasts picked to join!

The virtual master class with Varvara was an incredible experience. Varvara allowed 100 gymnasts from all over the world to join her online class. It was about forty minutes of mainly doing conditioning with an elastic theraband tied in a knot. Varvara did all the exercises with us for the full amount of time. She would first explain and demonstrate then have us do it with her. She used the band to add resistance to specific muscles that aren’t typically used. She used little movements to strengthen the muscles. She used 2 sets of 20 a lot. The band was used around our knees, ankles and feet to strengthen our leg muscles, but we also strengthened our back, abs and sides. Overall, her master class introduced a lot of new exercises and gave me more knowledge on different ways to strengthen different back muscles. It was very fun and beneficial!

Two days later, Varvara Filiou offered the same opportunity to coaches all around the world. Coach Megan was also one of the lucky 100 to participate in a coaches only master class. This special class discussed the importance of teaching perfect body technique from an early age. Then allowed coaches to ask questions and share ideas. It was great to see coaches coming together to better themselves and their gymnasts.

More one of a kind opportunities like these are shared being offered every day. Check out our Instagram Story and Facebook for more details.