Information from the General Chair
The South Texas board of directors just held a special meeting March 24th to discuss how best to support swimming in this challenging time. The top priority is safety for everyone. Second, is doing everything possible to support our teams, coaches, swimmers and officials. Third, we are looking at how to support a rapid and efficient restart once this crisis is over. 
Given our diversity in team size, business organization and geography there is no one size fits all answer. In addition, there are still a lot of external, out of our control, variables making any kind of timeline impossible at this point. However, the board is proactively pursuing ways to support all our members with the following steps.
1) The board has asked the governance committee to gather feedback first from a questionnaire and then followed up by emails or phone calls to compile a list of the the most pressing concerns.
2) The board is providing 5 attachments, contact information, notes and links in this email for clubs and coaches in an effort to get the correct information that you may need into your hands as quickly as possible.

3) Thinking ahead, the board is already considering a start-up stimulus plan to help the South Texas LSC members get up and running and back to business as usual as quickly as possible once we are out of this crisis.

Below are the notes, links and attachments

John Riojas

Texas Workforce Commission

Unemployment Insurance Field Specialist

210-258-6640 office

210-355-7931 Cell

512- 322-2858 – Fax ATTN: John Riojas

General guidelines:
The current unemployment benefit is $521/wk max down to $69/wk min.
There is a one week delay on payment of the first benefit which must be requested after an application is approved.
Claims made prior to April 1 use data from each teams' employment filings in the state of Texas from Oct. 1, 2018 - Sept. 1, 2019.
Claims made as of April 1, 2020 will use all of 2019 employment data filed with the state of Texas.
In general John felt it is was best for each individual to file their own application. 
Teams with a large number of employees could do a mass claim. An employer is supposed to submit the Mass Claims Request at least five working days before the layoff.
Handbook and Job-dislocation attachments are from Amber Warne

Director of Upskilling and Advancement

Workforce Solutions Capital Area

9001 N IH 35, Ste 110E | Austin, TX | 78753

512.597.7142 Direct | 520.339.1779 Cell | 512.719.4709 Fax

ASCA Coronavirus Resources Link

We have continued to update our Coronavirus Resources for Coaches Page, the newest additions include;

Chris Kjeldsen

South Texas LSC General Chair