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Update, Wednesday 3/25/2020

Happy Wednesday! 

I am thankful for these emails as they keep me informed as to what day it is!

Today, Coach Bruce has a weekend challenge for ALL of our swimmers! - we will send the zoom meeting id out in a later email closer to the time.
Here is the stretching video I forgot to put in yesterday's email.

We have now made it into the 2000s! I remember being 16 and competing in my first Olympic Trials in Indianapolis! The deck was so crowded and the new suits so tight that i wasn't able to get my suit all the way over my shoulder before my 100 Fly and had to run down the deck, sliding through people just to get to my block for the Prelims. I went a 1:02.56 and qualified for the Semi Finals. Once in the ready room, a 33 year old Dara Torres came up to me and a 15 year old friend, asked our ages and then told us, " I'm old enough to be your mother..." in terms of intimidation, it worked. 
Here are some of the great swims from the 2000 Olympics!
What has come to be known as one of the greatest upsets in Olympic Swimming History, Misty Hyman takes on the heir apparent to Mary T;
Listen to what they say about turns at 7:30- This is crucial! Up until THIS swim, Misty would do as many underwaters as she could off each wall, work up an oxygen debt, and would die on the last 50- always. Richard Quick, her coach, convinced her to do only 6 kicks of each wall and then as many as she wanted on the last wall right before this swim. You see her come up slightly behind after the first 50 and then make her move, off of the second wall, but the crucial wall was the 4th wall- take a look. 
Right before the trials in 2004, the Australian National Team came to the Janet Evans meet which was held in the trials pool. I beat the girl swimming in lane 5- we swam the race the same way and had the same advantages- After that swim was the first time I actually thought I had a chance to make the team in 2004.
Here is the first Olympic Final for the Greatest Olympic Athlete of all time: - watch his chest at the end of each stroke in this video and compare it to that of him in future swims that we will send through out the rest of the week.
Another chance to compare strokes, with great underwater shots is the women's 400 Fr. Watch the high elbow set- great angles.

Finally, one of the rarest of events and another set up for comparison to a future video we will send. This is the best audio I could find, unfortunately it is in french.
This is a prime example of the importance of team and training partners.Hall and Ervin were both with Mike Bottom at Cal, they challenged each other, supported each other, and, ultimately, this was the result. 4 years later is was a similar finish, but not quite the same- same coach and training partners in the closest and fastest of all races. 

Here is an OPTIONAL Workout for Wednesday- Please remember that all workouts sent are optional, should be supervized by a parent (or take the opportunity to do the workout with your swimmer!!!) And should alwasy be considered a fun challenge to make your days a little more interesting!

Warm Up: 
Dynamic Warm Up:
30s plank
15s transition
30s Handstand hold (at whatever level you feel comfortable)
15s transition
1 min jump rope
Main set:
Watch the video- be creative and then post your creativity to Instagram- don't forget to wear a PASA shirt and tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics and @PASADKS in your post! Show us your most creative weights!
10 bent over rows
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 squats
either 50 double unders, 150 singles, or run fast for about 1 minute)
Then do 9 of each, 8 of each, 7 of each, 6 of each, all the way down to 1. 
11-13s start at 8 and do 40 double unders or 120 singles, run is 1 minute
9/10s start at 6 and do 30 double unders or 90 singles, run is 1 min
8 and unders start at 5 and do 20 double unders or 60 singles, run is 1 min
do a plank hold for as long as you can- then call a teammate, post your score, or share your results with someone outside of your household
Have  a great Wednesday, Everyone!