Message from Coach Randy Reese
Hello Parents and Swimmers,
I wanted to keep you posted on the recent Directive sent by USA Swimming. Please read the following, as it will have an effect on the plan that I felt was reasonable and helpful in keeping our swimmers in the best physical shape possible during the current situation. This original plan (which I had directed my coaches to participate in) was sent to our CAT coaches by me on Monday morning, March 23 at 6:15 a.m. At 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 23, I received this notification. I have given careful thought as to the dryland "plan" just begun for our swimmers and feel I must respond accordingly to the Directive from USA Swimming.
The following activities are not covered by insurance:
Dryland training that does not have direct and active supervision of a member coach.
Unsupervised dryland training by a third-party provider who has not registered as a non-athlete member, completed USA Swimming's background screening, and Athlete Protection Training.
A swim or dryland practice by a coach who has an expired membership.
Any other activity that is not listed in the definition above.
Of course, the first statement listed is the most relevant. If we continue to participate in the dryland communication plan just started this week, after having received this directive, our program would be significantly impacted in a negative way, possibly losing our insurance coverage. This could spell the end of our swim program permanently. So, there will not be any further dryland workouts issued by CAT coaches to be completed independently by our swimmers.
Additionally, the following statement was included, "If you are providing online instruction to your athletes in order to continue to collect dues and keep your team viable, this is a different business model. Our insurance does not cover this model."
My first communication stated that April swim dues would be optional. The intention for this plan was to help families from a financial standpoint....not connected to use of dryland workouts received. As there can be, apparently, no contact with swimmers that connect to "coaching" either in the water or out, I am now informing you that TeamUnify has been instructed not to bill any CAT families for April swimming dues. Charges will appear only for swim items previously purchased in the billing cycle.
In closing, I would strongly suggest that our swimmers act in a responsible and active way to keep themselves in the best physical condition possible. Each swimmer can design their own way of practicing the best routine that fits their needs. Of course, staying healthy is key!
It is my hope that we can all return to normal lives with our swim program moving forward in a positive way very soon. I am always available by email or phone to discuss your questions and concerns. 
Clearwater Aquatic Team