BSC Bi-Weekly Update (w/ Swimmer of the Month!)
Good Afternoon Bend Swim Club!
(Sometimes when I type that I picture myself being very loud like I’m saying it to the kids at morning practice when everyone is half asleep! ;)) 
Anyway, we’re just checking in to see that everyone is staying healthy but also doing things to pass the time constructively. These include trying to do something active each day (which is not just good for you physically but also mentally and emotionally). The goal shouldn’t necessarily to stay in amazing shape but rather to keep moving. There will be a time when we do start training again and the simple act of consistent movement (even if it’s low intensity) will help tremendously when that is allowed to happen. 
Several of you have asked for dryland workouts. If you have read SwimSwam or USA Swimming’s site at all you may have stumbled upon a few articles where USA Swimming clarified their stance on clubs providing “online” or “remote” workouts for their patrons. Basically, the insurance the USA Swimming provides all of its member clubs with is not set up to cover any primary coaching scenario where a certified (background checked, MAAPP certified, etc…) coach is not directly coaching athletes in their line of sight. So, this prevents us from giving out any specific programs. 
There are, however, many easily accessible online daily workouts that you can use if you’re feeling edgy from lack of working out. The previously mentioned SwimSwam has some good ones. Juniper Swim and Fitness is also hosting live workouts and posting them on their Facebook page. There’s everything from yoga to some strength and aerobic conditioning workouts there. If you find something that is particularly helpful, please share it with your teammates. 
On a lighter side, I’ve asked the coaches to send a video every now and then about what they were doing to stay active and healthy at this time. I’ll post them to our Bend Swim Club Instagram stories as they come to me. The first will be Coach Shane on his daily walk with his pups! 
CALL FOR PICTURES! We’re in the process of updating our website and in order for it to look as good as it can, we need high-resolution pictures! Please send them to me if you have any. Thanks everyone!
Swimmers of the Month: Each month a swimmer is chosen from each training group as the “Swimmer of the Month.”  This is based on acts of great sportsmanship, being an outstanding teammate, performance in workouts, dryland, meets, and is designed to recognize outstanding behaviors and improvements in and out of the water. Each swimmer receives a gift certificate from a local candy shop.
Gold Group: Parker Ruggles & Lydia Bartlett
Silver Group: Maddie Thronton & Bridget Sorter
Bronze Group: Kaspar Warnock & Skye Knox
Blue 1: Zoe Chung & Aiden Koistinen
Blue 2: Peyton England & Reid Miriovsky 
Red: Lily Christiansen & Teddy Miriovsky
That’s all for this letter. Next week I’ll have another small educational piece in addition to a more lighthearted letter like this one!  Stay well and stay healthy! 
Swim hard. Be Strong. Think BIG!