L345 Email from Coach DawnElla

CAST Swimmers who may be looking for something to do and have an interest in swimming after high school . . . I thought I would send out / post a few informational resources for swimmers interested in gathering more information about swimming in college.

The first two are articles related to recruitment and swimming in college. The last three offer opportunities to create an account. NCSA has a free account and a lot of helpful information. ranks high school athletes based on “power points” nationally as well as by state and by year. The site is helpful in letting you get a sense of the schools available and those for which you may be a good fit. The NCAA website has rules and calendars.

Last but not least, you all have tremendous resources available on deck with our many former CAST swimmers who swam in college as well as all of the CAST coaches who can each offer a different and unique view into the world of recruitment and colleges swimming.

Keep busy, stay active, and be healthy.

- Coach DawnElla