March 2020 Emails to Families (Reference)

2020 March Emails

March 25,2020

Dear KCSA Families
The last month has been very stressful for all of us. Cancelling our Championship meets was disappointing but it is important to put our swimmer’s health and safety first as well as our swim families. We will do our best to keep you up to date on pool availability.  
    •    We recently received information from USA swimming. We are not allowed to offer any organized swim practices until the end of April. If we do, we will be suspended from USA swimming as a team. For this reason, we are not sending out any dryland practices. Our USA insurance is not in effect if there is not a USA Coach present conducting the practice (they have included that virtual dryland training via zoom is not covered due to no line of site of the athletes as a group). At this time with the health restrictions by both Missouri and Kansas to stay in place and to limit interaction with others we can not fulfill this requirement. 
    •    We are referring swimmers to read updates on SwimSwam, which do include stretching/ yoga and dryland practices. GoSwim website and 7 minute app and basic cardio suggestions will help us keep fit. If you choose to do these practices, please understand that neither KCSA or USA are legally responsible for you doing so. We hate this legal jargon but we are required as a USA organization to follow their rules regarding coverage.
    •    Please ask to join our facebook group to keep connections at a high level : It Takes A Team!
    •    Please ask to join the Facebook page :
    •    Please take a moment to download zoom app ; as we tested a last night to get the bugs out  (Thank you Wolf Family). 
    •    THANK YOU !
    •    Bless you and STAY WELL
    •    KC Swim Academy and Infant Aquatics (501 c 3)

March 24, 2020
Hello KCSA Families !
Last night, USA Swimming sent out that USA Swimming Clubs insurance will not cover Virtual Dryland/Training; even if waivers are signed. Additionally, many clubs (including KCSA) have a secondary insurance and those insurance companies are taking a pause due their underwriters working on liability issues. This affects all youth sports and sports in general.
Additionally, The Olympics decided to postpone.
KCSA's FAVORITE SITE to keep abreast of swimming :
It Takes A Team!
The new name is Community of KC Swim AcademyPlease ask to join the Facebook page :
Facebook Hiccups:
    •    Several facebook accounts asked to join or were invited to join this private group BUT the member approval field failed to show all requests.
    •    Follow the link > request to join (if it says you already have a request, delete your request and click join again)
    •    If you are still not able to join, please text Bonnie Boyles 816-805-9483
Bless you and STAY WELL
KC Swim Academy and Infant Aquatics (501 (c) 3)
March 23, 2020
Hello KCSA Families !
All of your KCSA coaches have been working and thinking of you and your swimmers. They have created videos(taken pictures) and it is easier to share on the Facebook page than via TeamUnify!
It Takes A Team!
Please ask to join the Facebook page :
    •    Our head coach and Director, Coach MaryJo (MJ), continues to work pro bono and makes decisions on what workouts she trusts. Keep in mind only you know your personal situation as to your swimmers physical capabilities. 
    •    Warmer weather approaches and take advantage your backyard ... One predominate USA Coach shared an idea of sending our kiddos to the backyard to do yard work ... pulling weeds works several muscle groups plus vitamin D with the sun.
Bless you and STAY WELL
KC Swim Academy and Infant Aquatics (501 c 3)

March 21, 2020
KCSA Families ... 
Live Free Webinars with Olympians all next week. I tested the links below via email and it worked on my computer ... Please let me if it doesn't work.  
Live Free Webinars all Next Week!
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CG Sports Management is offering a full week of Live Webinar Content 

CG Sports Management Live Webinar + Q&A Schedule
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Sunday, March 22, 2pm - 3pm EST
"Keeping the Faith During Uncertain Times" 
Hosted by World Champions 
Michael Andrew and Michael Chadwick
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Tuesday, March 24, 2pm - 3pm EST
"I.M. FIT: Live Dryland Workout"
Coached by 2-time USA Olympian and 400IM American Record Holder
Katie Hoff
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Wednesday, March 25, 2pm - 3pm EST
"Silver Linings LIVE"
Hosted by 
Elizabeth Beisel and a SPECIAL GUEST??
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Thursday, March 26, 2pm - 3pm EST
"Managing Performance Anxiety in Competition" 
Hosted by 
Dr. Megan Cannon Ph.D and Madisyn Cox, US National Champion
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Friday, March 27, 2pm - 3pm EST
"Supporting Your Athlete Through Tough Times"
Hosted by USA Olympian and Educator
Kristy Kowal
featuring Team USA Parent
Joan Beisel (Elizabeth's Mom!) 
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March 17, 2020
Dear Families with the news today of kansas schools closing for the remainder of the school year, it implies we are doing our best to organize and develop with a viable plan for our organization. 
If you pay monthly, there will be no auto draft in April and May
We are working to credit accounts for 3 weeks of March
Bonita Holland , our account manager, will be working on this within the week.
We will hold practices once Shawnee Mission School District permits us after graduation.
We are doing our best to pass along information which will benefit your swimmer when all of this is over.
Although the pools will be closed , we still have Financial obligations to our staff.
We will do whatever arrangements that are afforded us as a non profit
We feel it’s important to keep your swimmers engaged, which we will do during closures.
Our team motto is “it takes a team” and we need our team - coaches, families, staff - to get us through these trying times. We appreciate everyone’s support but most importantly is your child’s safety and well being.
Stay Safe !
MaryJO Klier

March 17,2020
Dear Swimmers & Parents... With pools closed until April 5th, we begin our adventure of keeping swimmers in shape and engaged and focused on positives.
It’s time to congratulate your swimmer(s). We just reviewed our membership USA Portal reports and discovered all of KCSA swimmers improved. 

KCSA national swimmers were disappointed to have their national meet cancelled; However, safety first and foremost.

Sectional Swimmers drove to Columbia, MO to be greeted by return home meet cancelled : Blake, Caroline ; Beaman, Logan ; Savinkov, Alexander ; Amrein, John ; Moyer, Grayson ; North, Sean
The Junior National Swimmers : Caroline Blake, JT Amrein, Rachel Lyle and Sean North
The Age Group National Swimmers(14 & Unders) Individual Cuts and Relays : 
Colin Brown (50/100 Fly cut)
Maeve Glennon (100 Fly cut)
Lincoln Mainelli (50 Back cut)
Grady O’Connor (50 Free cut)
Baker, Reece
Basola, Philip
Glennon, Cian
Glennon, Finley
Heredia, Bradley
Honnold, John Patrick
Kearns, Cooper
Mauer, Joson
Person, Coleton
Seemann, Clara
Timson, Madelyn
Wolf, Alexander
Zieren, Lauren
KEEP IN SHAPE: Our families and swimmers invest a lot of time into our sport. The goal is to stay in shape!  We have been working on developing a dryland program your swimmer can do at home. Remember aerobic activity daily! Coach Kelly Timson and her swimmer, Madelyn have been using Seven - 7 Minute Workouts (an app that can be downloaded free)

BE CREATIVE: My friend, Jill Mason, will be offering free art projects for children. 
I will also be doing Lives on my FB page: 3 Girls Who Dream Art.
Hopefully some of these activities will keep your children engaged. 

Pools are closed until April 5. Let's make lemonade out of lemons. 

Setting goals
Addressing sport psychology (my area of study)
We love you all and just want you ALL to be healthy and to get through this time safely. 
If anyone needs to get ahold of me just email me at:
Be safe!
Coach Mary Jo Klier

KCSA Partners