Practices & Covid-19

DRD Swimmers & Families,


As the situation remains very fluid, we will continue to update you on the status of practices and competitions as we take each day as it comes. New information will be communicated to all of our members from Michigan Swimming, USA Swimming, and Dearborn Public Schools.

I will continue our weekly updates as well as our new informational news item to be sent out each week. Both will cover educational opportunities for our swimmers and families as we work through this temporary break outside of the pool.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as another outlet to recieve information and to stay connected with the team. We may be physically distant, but technology can bring us together in another light. Keep your eyes out for fun competitions and posts on these pages!

Feel free to reach out with any questions to myself or a board member.


Thanks and please stay healthy!

-Coach Kayla