Dryland Training Update

Like I said in my last message, every time we make a plan things shift on us.  This time, it was great news!  USA Swimming sent an email to all member clubs about 10 minutes after I sent our update.  The email from USAS stated they were able to update our insurance coverage to allow online dryland training with some stipulations.  We will begin to put something together and start training as a team later next week. We do ask for your patience as we begin to formulate a new plan.  We will send an update next week with more information.   I could use some feedback from our members ASAP regarding what times they would like us to offer these training sessions. Also, some of our Senior Group swimmers have already responded to me with some ideas for our classroom sessions. They had some great ideas!  I can guarantee there will be some glitches in this new process, but will be an exciting experiment! The new guidelines for virtual dryland training are listed below.  

Covered activities include Virtual dryland training/instruction under the direct supervision of a USA Swimming member coach. The training must involve live online streaming/real-time instruction or training via the internet. The instructor should be able to communicate visually and verbally with the participants at all times during instruction. Coverage does not extend to recorded videos/sessions where there is no live or real-time interaction, and the recordings are accessible by someone other than your clients/members.

Required Protocol:
  • Members: Only registered USA Swimming members may participate in the training
  • Supervision ratio: The Coach/Instructor to athlete ratio shall be no greater than 1:8 (1 coach per 8 athletes)
  • Recommended exercise: Training shall consist primarily of body weight or light resistance exercises
  • Spatial limitations: Coach shall ensure the athlete is in an open space free from obstruction prior to training.
  • Content: All content must be professional in nature.
  • Timing of training: All video training must take place between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and may not take place on a social media platform. (You may use Zoom, Google, Skype, etc.)
  • Parent/3 rd party Adult involvement: If there is only one minor athlete and coach conducting the training, the minor’s legal guardian must be present and able to observe the training and video.
  • For any group setting, at least one other adult, in addition to the coach, must be present and able to view the video activity during the training session.
  • The parents should sign a release for at home dryland training.