SNS Emergency Grant Funding for ALL Member Clubs

With the unprecedented situation our nation and world currently faces due to the COVID-19 situation, your Sierra Nevada Board of Directors felt it was their responsibility to take unprecedented actions on behalf of the Sierra Nevada Community. 

On Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Sierra Nevada Board of Directors approved Emergency Grant Funding as a way to extend financial aid to ALL Member Clubs in Sierra Nevada Swimming during this turburlent and ever changing time in our history.  

Grant Funds will be distributed to ALL Member Clubs over a three (3) month period provided certain conditions are met.  If every Member Club in our LSC were to avail of the Grant Funds they are eligible to receive, Sierra Nevada Swimming would have dispensed a total of over $250,000 in financial aid to its Member Clubs.

For more specifics concerning the SNS Emergency Grant Funding, please click  HERE


Should you have any further questions concerning this program, please contact:

Alex Ongaco, Executive Director, Sierra Nevada Swimming

(916) 757-5440

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