Dear Barracuda Families,

Well our “official break” is now over. Who could have guessed that the world would have changed so much in just a few short weeks? And now, right when we should be excited to get back in the pool, there are no pools to get back into.  Rationally, I know that the precautions we are taking are the right things to do.  Still, emotionally, I would much rather be back on the deck coaching than getting chores done around the house.

As the coaches contemplated what we could do for the team during this time of social distancing, we wanted to give our swimmers and our Barracuda family some source of normalcy and reassurance that we will be there for them when this pandemic has ended.  We wanted the swimmers to know how much we care about them as people, not just as athletes.  We wanted to provide a connection to their team and to their sport.  We wanted to provide an outlet for both their physical and mental well-being.  Being there for each other is what a team does, and we wanted to exemplify that for our members.

In response to this crisis and the limitations we all face, we are proud to announce a new link on our website for the swimmers and families on our team, as well as for anyone you feel may benefit from it.

At the top of the Barracuda Home Page ( there is a new link entitled BARRACUDA STRONG!  When you click on that link, you will be brought to a special website which has several areas to engage in:

               There is a video message from me to each swimmer on our team. Please share it with your swimmers.

               There is a section where we have listed information you may find helpful:  Resources dealing with meal distribution, CDC recommendations, and even an encouraging letter from someone in the swimming community.  This section will be updated when we come across general information or resources you may be able to use.

               The next sections deal with areas that we hope all of our swimmers will engage in during this time:

                              We have an extensive link to WORKOUTS that the coaching staff has put together to help everyone be fit and burn off some stress.  By keeping a Scorecard and reporting their weekly results, swimmers have a way to connect with their peers.  We have tried to provide links to videos and/or instructions for most of the exercises for both understanding and safety.  Maintaining physical well-being is an important component of maintaining mental well-being, therefore parents, siblings, and friends are welcome to utilize what we have provided here. 

                              There is a QUOTE OF THE DAY that hopefully will inspire you, lift your spirits, challenge you or just make you think.  This might be a good place for each swimmer to start their day.

                              Next we have a TEAM CHALLENGE page.  Twice a week we will present a challenge for the team.  There are levels of achievement (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) that people can shoot for. These will be presented on Mondays and Thursdays.  Again, there is a mechanism for swimmers to interact with their teammates by posting their accomplishments.

                              Finally, there is an educational section titled simply LEARN. In this section, we will present videos and other resources for team members to learn about swimming techniques and other areas that can impact how fast they go in our sport.

I encourage you to have your children participate in this “virtual training” that we have put together.  Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Finally, I hope that everyone is staying healthy and coping physically, mentally, and emotionally during this unusual time.  Take care of yourselves and each other.  Remember that our team is a family.  Keep engaged with each other and look forward to the day we can be together again at the pool.


Coach Chris