KSC Begins Live Dryland Programming!

The Killarney Swim Club is engaging its membership with the best live streaming dryland program.

The Staff at KSC have been working hard to create programming that focuses on fitness, stability, flexibility, swimming skills, and continued community social connection.   Workouts are designed keeping in mind the long-term athlete development stages.  These exercises are appropriate for age, ability, and maturation.

Last week the club tested Zoom and Instagram as the platforms to deliver coach guided programming.  This week, full club programming begins.  The Sprockets, Juniors, Intermediates, Senior and Performance groups are being led by the respective group Coaches. 

It will be an awesome way for everyone to workout together and stay connected to their teammates and coaches at KSC. We believe that this will help All of our athletes physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important for the athletes to continue to follow a workout schedule with their group mates and coaches in order to help prepare them for a triumphant return to the pool!!

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