Moving Forward Productively

Hi All,

Hopefully, everyone is getting into the swing of virtual school. Humans have a great capacity for rolling with the punches. This post is going to address how we will move forward under the current conditions. The only thing that can stop you is, you. Together, we will continue to rise to meet our new challenges. 

Speaking of challenges, we have some to overcome in terms of athlete / parent / coach communication. There is a startup that developed software that allows us to comply with the current SAFE SPORT guidelines. These are in place to protect our athletes. The company is called, “SafeComm”. 

I created a SafeComm account for our team. Below is a link where you can fill in you and your child’s info. Future communications can go through this system and we will all be in compliance with the new rules. Please take a moment and fill it out now:

I want to also remind everyone to install the Jitsi Meet app as well.  This is a free open source alternative to Zoom. We will use this app for our virtual workouts, which is different from intra-team communications. You can learn more here -

Dryland Options

We broke the team into three (3) groups for training sessions. AG 1-2, AG 3-4 and Seniors. Once you fill in the information requested above, we will send you your SafeComm appropriate group account info. 


I understand that everyone is not sheltering in place with a fully stocked gym. We will start out mainly body work and advance as people get the suggested equipment. One of the biggest bangs for your buck for swimmers out of the water are stretch cords. There are many options in the market. I have found one that is really inexpensive yet durable. Below is a link. I believe they are only $30. There are five or so different options. Be sure to read the suggestions based on body weight to make your choice.



Seniors - 4:00-5:15pm

AG1-2      - 5:15-6:00pm

AG3&4      - 6:00 - 7:00

Start Date


We are targeting a launch date for the virtual training for tomorrow. I will set up a Jitsi meeting room and send out that information to everyone who signs up through the SafeComm App.

Hey, before I close out. Below is a link to a random YouTuber’s top three races of all time. Check out the finish on the first one...we talk about timing the finish and its importance constantly. Here you see why. The second video show the power of perseverance and redemption. If you do not know the story of Anthony Ervin, Google it. And the final one, well it’s the GOAT (greatest of all time). Swimmers, you can certainly use some of your downtime to become true students of the sport.

OK...let’s get this administrivia out of the way so we can get moving! I can’t wait to actually see everyone soon. You have all been missed greatly. Together, we can make this work.


Be Safe - Rich