RTSC Update 4-3-20

RTSC Members,


I hope all is well with you and your family!  This is a time of great concern for the safety of our family and friends; the uncertainty can really cause a lot of stress!  I wanted to update you as to the plans we are making regarding the opening of the pool.  Our operations team has been working diligently to prepare for the 2020 season – of course they are practicing social distancing while working!  I certainly appreciate their dedication to our swim club, they are truly our unsung heroes!  We are still planning on opening Memorial Day weekend, as planned, unless otherwise instructed by our state and local officials.  I remain hopeful that “this too shall pass”! 


Our pool will be open 1,033 hours this summer, beginning May 23rd until September 7th.  The breakdown of our hours of operation are as follows:


                   May            61 hours

                   June           250 hours

                   July            325.5 hours

                   August       325.5 hours

                   September 71 hours


If we are forced to delay our opening, we will discount the membership fees based on these hours. The following are some examples:

Opening day June 1st  - each membership will receive a 6% discount off of their total bill

Opening day June 15th - each membership will receive a 17% discount off of their total bill

If you have already paid your bill, we are thankful to you and we will credit your membership for the 2021 season.


We encourage members to pay their pool dues or at least half of their dues as soon as possible, since we depend on that money for our preseason work.  We will not be charging a late fee this season.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time! 


Stay safe!


Jeanne Willert Bellwoar

RTSC President