Message from Sparetime


Dear Member:

As we continue to shelter in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, we hope that you and your family are staying healthy. This email provides a membership billing update and information about your April 5 electronic funds transfer (EFT). Please look for a separate email with information about exercise opportunities that should arrive shortly.

An automated email was sent out yesterday notifying you that your monthly statement for March was available online for viewing. We want to provide some clarifying information for you.

As previously communicated you are not being charged membership dues while the club is temporarily closed for COVID-19. Therefore, we are not billing April membership dues.

If your membership was paid current last month and you did not make any house charges to your membership while the club was open during March, there will be no charges due and there will be no EFT from the club on April 5.

If you had an outstanding balance as of the end of the prior month or if you made any house charges while the club was open in March, there will be an EFT for those charges on April 5.

With the clubs and our billing office all closed due to COVID-19, we have limited staff working remotely. As a result, we have not yet processed credits and refunds of registration fees for programs that have been cancelled. Our plans are to handle the return of those fees as follows:

Swim clinics with online registration - we have calculated the refunds due for the cancelled portion of the clinics, and we are in the process of crediting those refunds back to the credit cards used to pay for the registration.

Swim clinics with manual registration - we are in the process of calculating the refunds due and will be crediting the refunds to your membership account shortly.

Kids' Night Out and other cancelled March or April activities with manual registration - we will be crediting registration fees back to your membership account shortly.

Summer program registrations (swim team, swim lessons, summer camps, etc.) - we are asking members to wait on these programs until we determine when the club will be able to re-open and whether the program will still be able to be offered. If you cancelled your registration for any of these programs, we will be crediting the registration fees back to your membership account.

For memberships with credit balances, the credit balance will be held in your account to apply against future charges unless you contact us to request a refund.

With respect to March dues, the club was closed from March 18 - 31. Since you were billed for the full month of dues on March 5, we will be crediting 45% of your March dues against the monthly dues for the first month after the club re-opens.

We request your patience and understanding while we work through the high volume of manual work involved to address these billing and refund issues at a time where we have limited staffing. As always, we appreciate your support and loyalty to the club, and we look forward to the time when we can return to more normal daily activities.