Swim season 2020 Covid-19 impact update

Dear Orca families,

Given the current pandemic sweeping the globe and the massive impact it’s having on daily life, it was only to be expected that there would be some impact to the swim season.

There is a significant amount of communication between OAC Orca team management and the Atlanta Swim Association, options are changing daily but I wanted to update you all on our position for the 2020 swim year.

The Orcas will be mirroring the school closures and will not be starting swim training until May 26th AT THE EARLIEST. IF the Department of Health declares the pool fit for swimming and opens the pool AND IF BOTH social distancing and shelter in place requests have been lifted, then we will start morning training on May 26th.

The OAC Orcas will ONLY run a swim season in 2020 IF the official meets take place during June.  We will cancel our season if the meets are scheduled to flow into July and/or August (these options have both been proposed as options by the ASA). We are still accepting registrations, in the event of the season being cancelled we will issue a full refund less transaction processing fees.

I know this will upset many of your swimmer and for that I’m truly sorry.  I’m trying to be as open and clear with communication as I can, AS SOON as we hear anything definitive from the ASA I will reach out once again.

Any questions or concerns PLEASE reach out via email


Kindest regards

Coach Vanessa