Motivational Monday

Hey Plantation Families!

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy! Us coaches are working on different things for our swimmers and families to stay active during this time. Every Monday we'll put out some information that has upcoming webinars, podcasts, workouts and motivational posts. 

We are working together to also come up with exciting updates and new ideas for our groups once we are able to get back into the water! During this time of uncertainty we are excited to have the opportunity to work on giving our families the best product now and when we return to the pool. 

Things to check out this week: 


  • Champions Mojo-Elizabeth Beisel: Finding the Silver Lining, Episode #53


  • Fitter and Faster: Balancing School and Swimming: Tuesday, April 7th at 2pm EST
  • Fitter and Faster: Yoga for Swimmers: Wednesday, April 8th at 5 pm EST
  • Fitter and Faster: Quarantine Fitness (swimmers 9-12)  Thursday, April 9th at 2pm EST
  • Fitter and Faster: Quarantine Fitness (swimmers 13&O) Friday, April 10th at 3 pm EST

Workout April, 6th:

  • 5 minute warm up (jog, jumping jacks, stationary bike, jump rope, etc.)
  • 5 minute of stretches
  • 7 minute circuit (repeat exercises as many times as you can in 7 minutes)
    • 30 squats (15 squats 12&U)
    •  1 minute of high knees 
    • 25 leg lifts (15 12&U)
    • 1 minute of butt kicks
    • 25 push ups (15 12&U)
    • 30 ab bikes
    • 30 seconds of side shuffles 
  • 3 minute rest then repeat the 7 minute circuit again
  • 5 minute cool down (jog, walk, jump rope, etc.)
  • 5 minute stretching