Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin

Dear Swimmers, Parents and Families,

I decided to change the title of this communication and call it "Weekly Bulletin" because I am done counting the weeks that we have been isolated.  What will start happening now is our brains are accepting this new form of living our new routines, meaning we are going to start creating a "COVID-19 comfort zone".

comfort zone is a self-imposed boundary where a person will refuse to push past, so often fills us with nervousness, laziness and anxiety.

The smart thing to start doing this week is, break the habits, yes I know AGAIN; the longer we stay doing the same, the harder we will find to go back to the school – swimming – life routines.

What should we change? Keep it simple, but make it a bit uncomfortable.

  • Add more reading time, a new book out of something new discover something you don't know

  • Cut more on electronics or use them for academics and social calls, not media or games.

  • Add more exercise intensity make it "hurt" again

  • Shuffle the order of your activities

  • Challenge yourself, your parents, your siblings in doing funny and family bonding activities.

In the following image, we can see how does working for success needs to be trained. It is a mental state a decision that we have to take; it is usually called "Pay the price."

But how do we do that? Here is a list of seven steps that will help; all of these steps could apply to any type of activity, job, school project, swimming, friends etc.

  1. Obtain Information. Reading, studying and understanding what it takes to be successful on that particular topic. Information is power; the more you know about that thing, the more confidence you'll have, and it will feel less scary.

  2. Create a plan. Break down all the steps you need to accomplish your dream goal. Start with the simple and easy steps first and then progress.

  3. Hold your self Accountable. Tell your friends and family about what you are doing and what you want to accomplish, create your support team.

  4. Small steps. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, that metaphor is essential to understand that it is better to stay consistent and look forward to understanding that one tiny step is easy and moves you the right way.

  5. Aggressive Challenges.  Doing a lot of something that makes you scared, the idea is to shake it up. For example, do 1,000 burpees in one day. Read a book in a week. Don't overthink just start to do it and push to accomplish.

  6. Stay Positive. There are going to be obstacles, don't let them push you back. Celebrating your small steps helps to keep motivation up, at the same time, learn to accept and Let it Go! It is natural to fail, recognize the possibility and move on.

  7. Make your comfort zone fight bigger. Look for new challenges things that you would never imagine you would do.


This video, How to practice effectively...for just about anything - Annie Bosler and Don Greene helps to understand the best way to practice. With this philosophy is how we base our practices.

Bellow, you'll find my contribution to the first step, obtain information.

Ten easy tips to take your swimming to the next level during COVID-19

Upcoming Webinars

Breaking Down Backstroke

For Swimmers and Coaches

Tune into this show to break down a fast and efficient backstroke technique to race faster!

Monday, April 6: 4 pm EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Olympian Christopher Reid

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Balancing School and Swimming

For Swimmers and Parents

Many swimmers struggle with keeping both their academics and athletics at a high level. Learn time management and other tips to balance school and swimming better!

Tuesday, April 7: 2 pm EST

Led by Brett Hawke; Olympic gold medalist and Columbia University Graduate Katie Meili; and Olympic medalist & NCAA WOMAN of the YEAR - Lacey Nymeyer

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Olympic Gold with Brett Hawke & Gary Hall, Jr.

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

Five-time Olympian Brett Hawke and 10-Time Olympic medalist and Olympic Hall of Famer GARY HALL, Jr. (former rivals) will discuss their Olympic experiences racing at the highest level... and other fun stories!

Tuesday, April 7: 5 pm EST

Led by Five-time Olympian as a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke and 10-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr. 

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Being A Professional Athlete

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

Not many people fully understand what it means to be a "Professional Athlete" and what that title entails. Four current and former professional swimmers will be discussing the exciting and fast-paced world of swimming as a professional. 

Wed. April 8: 2 pm EST

Led by Five-Time Olympian as a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke, Two-Time Olympian Chloe Sutton, and Professional Swimmers John Shebat and Beryl Gastaldello

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Yoga for Swimmers

For Swimmers of All Ages

Olympic medalist and certified yoga instructor Emily Silver will flow through a yoga practice designed specifically for swimmers to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. 

Wed. April 8: 5 pm EST

Led by Olympic medalist and Yoga Expert Emily Silver

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Mental Skills You Can Train Right Now

For Coaches, Parents, and Swimmers ages 13 & up

Mental skills are always so important... especially in a time like this.  Even though you and your swimmers don't have access to a pool, there is still a lot of training you can do. One area often overlooked is your mental skills. Learn tips and tricks to train your brain NOW! 

Thursday, April 9: 12 pm EST

Led by Olympic medalist & Licensed Psychotherapist Markus Rogan. Markus is a recipient of the United Nations Medal of Honor and the Director of Sport Psychology for the Brazilian Olympic Team. Other guests include Olympian Brett Hawke, Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Machine Head Coach/Owner Dan Jacobs

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Great Races

I hope that everyone is hanging safe and healthy, I am going to keep sending the workouts hoping that kids are staying disciplined and having fun with them if you have Instagram, share your activity will be great to hear from everyone!

Have a great week,

Luis Luebs