GCSTO's Junior "Swimming" Dryland Training Needs

  GCSTO's Junior "Swimming" Dryland Training Practices

These sessions are much more than simple dryland sessions as we incorporate a tremendous amount of focus on swimming skills, pacing and more into these practices. Led by Coach Nye & Coach Straw these practices are designed to not only be physically challenging but to help improve all aspects of the athlete's swimming skills as specialized "swimming" dryland routines are used within each practice actually reproducing swimming technique so that the coaches can actually coach technique in the attending swimmers. We use the ZOOM application so there is active interaction occurring during these sessions so make sure to download that onto your viewing device.

These are for any GCSTO athlete and their family to help them to stay healthy during this pandemic AND to help actually progress the skills and the conditioning levels of our athletes during this time.  

Note that these sessions are NOT covered by USA Swimming insurance as of now. Your own insurance would apply here in the event of injury.

Here's a list of guidelines for our sessions:

1 - Dryland Attire: Athletes need to make sure their clothing fits appropriately. Remember not to have super baggy shorts as certain camera angles and that simply don't mix. As well, t-shirts/tops should not be super baggy as, again, certain camera angles aren't appropriate with that. Whenever possible please wear GCSTO team clothing during these sessions.

2 - Mute Yourself During Sessions: In order to keep out background noise please mute yourself when your in one of these sessions. You can unmute yourself to ask a question or something when coach allows for it but otherwise keep it muted if you would.

3 - Equipment Needs:

       Open space with proper ceiling clearance (when jumping), water bottle, stretch cords, dumbbells, wrist weights or various size cans of food (small enough that you can hold and you must have at least 2 cans of each weight anywhere from 8oz to 2lbs), stable chair, a mat or a couple towels to lie down on

4 - Mirror: If you can get a mirror behind the device that you are viewing the session with please do so. That way you can look at your coach and at yourself and see if your movements are matching your coaches. 

5 - Athlete Identification: When entering a session see if you can put in the athletes names and not the parents even if it's just the first name as this will help the coaches when working with athletes we don't normally work with. If that cannot be done you can put a small sign up in front of the camera with the Athletes first name.

6 - Chatting: Watch your "chat" function in the event a visiting coach wants to communicate with you. Evan sat in on my dryland today with the athletes and could comment to me or others if he wanted so watch that function at times if you can.

7 - Attendance: Attendance is optional. Even if you can only do part of the session that's fine so coming in late or leaving early is just fine.

8 - Family Participation: Feel free to invite family members. They are welcomed to join you side by side if you'd like. We'll help them out as well if they are in the line of site of the camera.

9 - Better "Coach" Viewing: If you want to see the coach larger on screen so that you can see them better simply use the "pin" function in the upper right corner of their picture and "pin" them as that will enlarge their picture.

10 - Schedule: We are not publishing a schedule but WILL send home announcements via email to you as to the time and date of upcoming sessions. All sessions are password protected.

11 - Video Library: We are working now on getting a central library together of these sessions so our members can access those to do at any time. Stay tuned for more on this.

12 - Pictures: If you happen to take pictures of during your session and would like to share those with the team on FaceBook or Instagram please send those to coach Chris Binting at cbinting@gmail.com.

13 - Air Flow: If you can have some air flow in your room to help cool you off that would be good. Windows open or a fan or something like that.

14 - Athlete Safety: NO identifying anything on you or in the background beyond GCSTO items. Make sure nothing can identify your school, your location or anything for privacy & security reasons.


Thanks for being a part of our TEAM!