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To the Seahawk Family:

We hope this letter finds you healthy and motivated!  The coaches and board have spent substancial time working on a long course schedule that will benifit all CAC members. 

The Long Course summer season that was scheduled to begin on Tuesday April 14th has obviously been delayed.  The earliest the season could start is early May however that appears unlikely.  We would like the swimmers and parents of the Cincinnati Aquatic Club to feel confident that we are working on a contingency plan for all start dates.  We plan to have a long course season if at all possible.  We do understand that families have not been able to travel or do other activities so CAC will not be requiring any swimmers to attend any meets – however we would like all swimmers to have shave and taper meet.

The coaches strongly encourage swimmers to find ways not to just stay in shape but increase their physical fitness and strength during this time.  Due to USA swimming restrictions coaches are not permitted to send dryland however we will be running online classes and suggest exercises and videos for swimmers to watch.  We are entering an unprecedented time but we are confident that the CAC family will prevail and emerge as strong as ever!

Below are the different plans that we have created by date with the competitions.  This will most likely be the longest time CAC swimmers have been away from the pool.  CAC coaches will take the time to have the swimmers build back into the sport to avoid injury.  Therefor coaches would like to have a significant time training and technical work before we have a major competition.


Coach Kevin, along with the age group committee of Ohio Swimming, have been working on creating a long course virtual championship meet for the state of Ohio.  This meet will be between 60 & 90 days from the time Ohio swim teams are able to begin training. 

Details of the meet:

  • 10 & U, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 swimmers will be competing at the meet
  • There will be three sites the meet is swum (North, Central, Southwest)
  • A virtual champion for each event will be created by merging all three sites in results
  • Prelim/Final for 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 age groups

The following details the CAC meet plan by start date:

May 15th Start                                                            Date                            Location

David Webb Clipper                                          June 19th-21st                   Silverlake          

Open Water                                                      July 1st                                 Acton Lake

CAC Classic                                                     July 24th – 26th             Oxford, Oh

Ohio Virtual Championship Meet                     August 13th – 16th       Oxford, Oh

June 1st Start

Duel Meet PCY                                               June 25th (Est date)     Powell Crosley           

Open Water                                                    July 1st                                 Acton Lake

CAC Classic                                                   July 24th – 26th                         Oxford, Oh

Ohio Virtual Champ                                        August 13th – 16th          Oxford, Oh

June 15th Start

Duel OR tri Meet                                             July 16th (est date)                  Powell Crosley

CAC Classic                                                    July 24th – 26th                                Oxford, Oh

Open Water                                                     Late July (Possible)                  Acton Lake

Ohio Virtual Champ                                        August 27th – August 30th         Oxford, Oh

July 1st Start

CAC Classic                                                    July 24th – 26th (Format Change)        Oxford, Oh

Open Water                                                     Late July (Possible)                  Acton Lake

Duel or tri Meet                                               Mid August                              Powell Crosley

Ohio Virtual Champ                                        August 27th – August 30th       Oxford, Oh

We sincerely hope that we will be back in the water as soon as possible.  If the start date is after July 4th we will train through mid-late September and compete in a Long Course meet at Miami with two to three other teams.  CAC will then take a very short break and begin the short course season.

We plan to have a short course banquet and Long Course start up as soon as we are able.  We encourage all the swimmers of CAC to continue to work extremely hard out of the water over the next few weeks.  Stay positive and motivated during this time:



CAC Coaching Staff