Virtual Private Swimming Lessons
1 Hour Online Zoom Private Competitive Swimming Lesson with Coach Nye
Coach Steve Nye of the Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio has over 40 years of experience in the sport coaching at all levels inclusive of at the National Level in USA Swimming. He's coached over 20 world ranked swimmers, 20 Olympic Trial qualifiers and multiple athletes who went on to be on the US National Teams, even the US Olympic Team. He has served on USA Swimming's National Team staff in the past and has been honored with over 8 Coach of the Year awards in Ohio and is now launching this program which has been a dream of his for several years.
If you are, or have, a competitive swimmer and have your own access to a pool, have access to the ZOOM app, someone who can video you as you swim, and can set up a larger viewing device (TV or large screen monitor) that you can stream that device into very easily and would like to work together on stroke improvements this will be a novel way to get such a private lesson in. Endless pool access will work as well or even a very small backyard pool that the swimmer can tie themselves off in to swim in place. 
Please note that this is not a private lesson for someone without some type of background in competitive swimming, be it age group swimming, high school swimming, masters swimming or triathlons.
You will work on the strokes, turns, finishes and such of your choice. You will simply communicate with Coach Nye via email that which it is that you wish to cover and you will work from there as to the outline for the session.
Important Notes: English should be your language unless you have a mechanical translator. 
                             You will be the host of the session so that you can record the session on your own
                                device for future use. While the athlete is swimming they cannot normally hear    
                                 instructions but being able to hear my instruction while they are swimming allows  
                                 for much more in depth analysis after the lesson is done.
                              We will have you set up 2, 40 minute sessions on Zoom so that we are assured we
                                can get the solid hour of instruction in if we are cut off or we have mechanical

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