CZ General Chair Conference Call Notes - 04/07/2020




11:00 a.m. CDT


ZOOM Meeting


Call to Order

·         Pam Lowenthal, Central Zone Non-Athlete Director

·         Central Zone General Chairs; other officers of CZ; USA Swimming representatives

·         Roll Call - Attendees: Pam Lowenthal, Ann Watanabe, Carol Olson, Charles Kunsman, Daris Bright, Jeff Arce, Judith Deedy, Robert Kelley, Robert Rettle, Shane Peterson, Thomas Johnson, Van Donkersgoed, Kevin Milak, Terrence Anchrum, Betty Kooy, Michael White, Susan Mechler, John Bradley, Tony Young, Paul Thompson, Randy Julian, Joel Shinofield, Mark Hesse, Lisa Montplaisir, Vance Colwell, Shawn Klosterman, J Waller, Justin Haycraft, Mike Peterson, Tonja Avant, Kyle Margheim

Purpose of Meeting

·         To connect with all LSCs of the Central Zone to start a dialogue about future Zone events

·         To discuss how the CZ community can help LSCs and clubs as we move under this ‘new normal’


·         Announcements

o   CZ Open Water Canceled

o   CZ Diversity Camp/Summit moved to a virtual format

·         Discussion

o   Central Zone 14 and Under Championships

o   LSC dues to Central Zone

Open Water

·         June dates of the Open Water Meet (Pleasant Prairie, WI) – canceled

·         Other options?

o   Potential for reschedule

o   August dates – water temperature issues?

o   Recommend making final decision May 6
Recommend just considering all CZ Open Water possibilities closed for summer 2020
Concensus  - no CZ Open Water Championship in summer 2020

Diversity Camp

·         Diversity Camp scheduled for Edwardsville, IL – canceled

o   USA Swimming decision

o   Moved to Virtual formal

LSC Dues

·         New fee structure voted on in 2019 - $ .25 per registered athlete

o   CZ will waive fee/dues structure until 2021

o   CZ will also waive previous dues of $100.00 per LSC

o   I.E. NO dues for LSCs for 2020

14 & Under Championship Meets

·         Possibility of one host may be able to host a meet; one may not

·         Budget impacts for hosts if continue to plan

·         Recommend coming back on May 6 to make final decision

·         Recommend taking the issue off the table and make decision today
Err on the side of caution and for the purposes of planning and cancel both meets
Vote taken by LSC – Majority voted to cancel both meets;

·         2020 CZ 14 & Under Championship meets will be canceled
(Option for 2020 hosts to have first option to pick up the 2022 bid)

Other Discussion

·         Joel Shinofield – USA Swimming watching to see how LSCs and clubs come back to business in wake of shut-downs and crisis
Recommends localizing opportunities as LSCs are able and give athletes opportunities at the local level

·         CZ would still like to touch base with LSCs on a monthly basis throughout this crisis – will hold another meeting in May


·         Time: 12:15 p.m. CDT

·         Submitted by: Betty Kooy, CZ Secretary