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Hello EMAC

In this email we will cover:

  1. EMAC Scavenger Hunt Submissions
  2. EMAC Pursuing SafeSport Club Recognition
  3. EMAC Attains USA Swimming Club Recognition Level III
  4. April and May Alternate Programming
  5. Team Spotlight
  6. Lifeguard Applications
  7. EMAC Parents on Front Lines
  8. Top-Ten Time-Drops

EMAC Scavenger Hunt Submissions

As part of our efforts to get our swimmers and parents to take the SafeSport course, we designed a scavenger hunt.  We were thrilled with the four submissions we received to this point.  The Price, Lovett, Messenlehner, Thieman families submitted some AMAZING Scavenger Hunt Submissions.  Check them out below.  The coaching staff was blown away and inspired by the submissions we’ve received, but we are hoping to receive many more.  Please take the time to help us out and enjoy some tasks together by completing the EMAC-SafeSport Scavenger Hunt. 

We are eagerly awaiting more inspirational submissions from our members!

EMAC Pursuing SafeSport Club Recognition

We need your help.  In order to achieve status as a SafeSport Recognized Club, we need 20% of the parents and 20% of the swimmers to take the online SafeSport Course.  We are at 14% for our parents and 10% for our swimmers.  It is a 10-15 minute course that is well worth your time as it will help to make safer our sport and your child’s experience in it.   

Click HERE to read more on how to take this course.

EMAC Attains USA Swimming Club Recognition Level III

During our down time our staff has been incredibly busy.  One of the items we’ve accomplished is achieving Level III status within USA Swimming’s Club Recognition.  Click HERE to read more about USA Swimming Club Recognition.

April and May At-Home Programming

Look for an email in the next 48 hours regarding our At-Home Programming.

The At-Home Programming will have educational, fitness, and strength opportunities.  In discussing this matter, our coaching staff has identified and developed several areas in which we can improve without being in the water.  The goal in our At-Home Programming is to help our swimmers become more capable performers when we get back in the water.  Look for an email in the next few days on how to register for these At-Home Groups.

Team Spotlight

We realize that our staff has grown tremendously over the last 3 years.  To increase awareness of those on our staff, we are doing a weekly Team Spotlight on our Facebook page.  So far we have put our Office Manager, Lynn Williams, and our TriEMAC Director, Mandy Lovett, in the spotlight. 

Did you know Lynn was born in Liverpool, England? Check out Lynn’s spotlight HERE

Did you know Mandy has done over 100 Triathlons? Check out Mandy’s Spotlight HERE.

Lifeguard Applications

Over the summer EMAC lifeguards work at EMAC’s summer pool and area apartment complex pools.   We are intending on running these pools and employing lifeguards.  If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard for EMAC, please email Coach James Veccia @  James is our EMAC Summer Pool Manager, and he will be happy to assist you in the application/hiring process.   

EMAC Parents on Front Lines

Over the past two weeks I've heard incredible stories about EMAC families.  Many EMAC families have parents on the front lines in public service, the healthy industry, and/or in capacities related to continuing to provide necessary goods.  Some of those families have entrusted other EMAC families to watch their children until this passes.  Wow! The bravery, competence, and unity being demonstrated by you provides us endless inspiration, hope, and perspective.   Thank you!!!

Top-Ten Time-Drops

If you haven't been on our Facebook page, then you've been missing out on our Top-Ten Time-Drops.  Each year we present the Top-Ten Time-Drops at our banquet.  Considering that we will most likely not have a banquet, we've decided to release one Top-Ten Time-Drop video per day.  Here are the ones we've released so far:

We will be releasing the remaining events over the next few days.  After that we have more treats for our members that we will be posting, including "Name That Swimmer."   Keep watch on Facebook for new posts.  

Be happy and healthy, EMAC!!!