EMAC At-Home Programming

Dear EMAC Families,


We are ready to offer At-Home Programming

We recognize that families may have bigger priorities right now, and we respect that.  We also recognize that several families have requested guidance for At-Home Programming.  EMAC is offering At-Home Programming free-of-charge for our members.  In order to receive this programming, you will need to register.  Please read details below about what will be offered, the terms, and how to register. 

At-Home Programming Will Include

  • Multiple Zoom meetings per week with a group coach and groups
  • Guest Zoom appearances by professionals: nutrition, health, sports psych, etc.
  • Areas of focus and options for athletes
  • Sport-related education opportunities

Goals of At-Home Programming

  • Improving shoulder health
  • Improving core strength
  • Improving coordination/balance
  • Improving functional strength
  • Improving morale and team bonds

Groups Offered

(if your swimmer is in multiple groups, they may select multiple groups or a single group at your discretion)

  • Bees At-Home
  • Wasps At-Home
  • Triathlon At-Home
  • Killer Bees At-Home


  • USA Swimming insurance will not cover injuries
  • EMAC General Liability will not cover injuries
  • Parents must
    • Review all links and exercises prior to the member performing them
    • Monitor the member performing the exercises
    • Assume responsibility for the health and well-being of the member while doing the exercises.
  • If a member experiences pain doing any of the exercises, cease that exercise immediately. 
  • Only continuing members of EMAC are permitted to register.  If you enrolled for Spring/Summer you are eligible.  

Getting Started - Week 1

We will have introductory zoom meetings next week to get started.  Only registered athletes will be permitted to join any zoom calls, classrooms, and/or be emailed resources related to our At-Home Programming.  

Introductory Zoom Meeting Dates/Times

  • Bees At-Home            Wednesday: 4:00 pm
  • Wasps At-Home         Wednesday: 4:45 pm
  • Triathlon At-Home      Already on to regular schedule - see updates from Coach Mandy
  • Killer Bees At-Home   Monday 3:00 pm

The Zoom Meeting codes for these introductory meetings will be emailed out on Monday am.  

Moving Forward

We expect that this will evolve as we go.  Our intent is to continue to offer guidance through our At-Home Programming until we are permitted to get back into the water.  

Our goal is to offer up to 3 meetings per week for all Groups with the possibility of adding sessions per week as opportunities and/or demands arise.  


If you want EMAC to provide guidance for at-home programming, you must register for the programming. 

Click HERE to register.

If you are having trouble or need help, please email our office manager, Lynn Williams at

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!!!


EMAC Coaching Staff