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A Note From the Coach

 Hello Makos,

The stay at home order is still in effect so we are moving our planned start up date to the 4th of May.  We will continue to work on the updates on a 2 week basis.  We will update sooner if needed.  Remember you will not be charged for May, your April payment will carry over and be applied to May dues.

If any family is willing to forego this credit for May or have it credited at a later date this would be greatly appreciated by the team in order to keep sustaining our cash flow. If you would like to do this please just send an reply to this email.

Stay active by doing dryland/bicycle/running.  Watch what you are eating, stay away from the cookies/candy/pop.  Take some time to learn something that you have find interesting but did not have the time.  Finally do your school work!!! 

Check out our website for the latest news and Facebook for updates on workouts and team activities (from a far)!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 304-360-3478.

Coach Leonard