*A Message to the Niagara Swimming Community

A Message to the Niagara Swimming Community

We hope this communication finds you in good health and good spirits during these difficult times.
It seems like such a long time ago, but it has only been one month since social distancing requirements forced Niagara to cancel meets, including our 13 & Over Short Course Championships, among others. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then.

One thing that has not changed is the dedication and passion of your volunteer leadership to guide Niagara through this crisis. Niagara's Board of Directors is working hard to ensure our LSC and its clubs are prepared to resume operations (in whatever form they take) when social distancing is relaxed and facilities become available. As such, here are some of the many things we are doing now to successfully navigate this crisis:

  • LSC representatives are attending weekly conference calls hosted by USA Swimming as well as other organizations to get the latest information on programs and assistance that are in development.
  • We are hosting a weekly Coaches conference call to disseminate information, share ways to keep athletes and parents engaged, and to share other ideas.
  • The Board is convening weekly to discuss the current situation, review data on our clubs, and asking for feedback on what we can do to assist clubs while maintaining our fiduciary responsibilities. One of these is through the recent LSC Club Needs Survey, which was specifically designed to help us identify the best ways we can offer relief to clubs in need.
    •  Based on the few responses we have received so far, we have been unable to determine if there is a need or how to best offer relief. However, we will continue to survey our member clubs to gauge if there are any changes in their capacities to support continuation of operations and use that data to help us determine relief needs and appropriate actions.
  • We are re-examining our short term budget priorities to reflect that many clubs will need assistance if they are to continue operations; we're looking at ways Niagara can expand its Outreach monies for families suffering financial issues as a result of this crisis.
  • We continue to plan, implement, and adapt governance (such as the just concluded Junior Athlete Representative election) and are actively  consulting with our legal counsel about alternative ways of conducting the Spring House of Delegates meeting

Like you, Niagara's Board of Directors hopes that the disruption to our lives ends sooner rather than later and we are doing our best to prepare for that future.

There are many resources out there for athletes, coaches, and parents, so, please, make use of them! A good place to start is the 'Covid-19 Updates' page on the Niagara website here:

I will be providing periodic status updates as to what the Board of Directors is up to. Please stay safe and healthy!

Jim Stromski
General Chair
Niagara Swimming LSC