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Quaranteam News 4.20.2020

WAC Quaranteam Newsletter 2020  

Week of 4.20.2020

Good afternoon WAC Age Group and Waves Families!  In an effort to try to streamline communications and keep everyone on the same page, we are going to start our weekly newsletters back up.  Our goal here is to provide all the info/links you might need, provide some direction for our swimmers and their families   Each week we’ll start with the info you need for the week coming up… and then provide a summary/wrap up from the week that is ending.   I’ll be posting this to our website under the News section, however I’ll scrub the zoom link off of the version that is posted since we don’t want any ‘surprise’ guests to make appearances if possible.

High School Swimmers should contact Jim to be included in the Mon/Wed/Friday Zoom practices.  Please e.mail him and copy a parent to comply with SafeSport rules.  We are including you in this week's newsletter, but future “Quaranteam Newsletters” will just go to Age Group families and Jim will send out separate communication that is specific to the High School athletes.  HS Parents and Athletes are welcome to check the News tab on the website if you’d like to follow along with any of our team activities, but we don’t want to flood your inboxes.

Once again, we welcome any feedback you may have as we venture into unknown territory with this!  I hope that your family is staying healthy and safe during this time and I look forward to seeing everyone back on deck someday soon!  

Thanks for your support, and GO WAC!


Next Week:

Age Group Activities:

  1. Get connected to GoSwim.TV so you’ll get Jim’s daily swim video in your inbox - you should have received an invitation in your inbox.

  2. Watch the Fitter Faster Presentation on Mindset - this is an awesome presentation by a couple of Olympic Swimmers.  The presentation is about an hour long - the content is certainly age appropriate for all of our athletes, but our youngest swimmers may get a little antsy with the length of the video. 

    1. https://fitterandfaster.com/fftlive/mindset-monday-6-steps-to-a-more-confident-swimmer/

  3. Find a notebook/binder/scrap paper to start your Swim Journal.

  4. Photo Challenge - Submit a picture of your swimmer (or swim family??) with their WAC gear… the WACkier the better!  Photoshopping swim friends into the picture is acceptable…. Photoshopping coaches will be frowned upon :) 

Age Group Practices:

I believe we can use this recurring link for our meetings so that we don’t have to send out a new link for each different practice…   

***Please check your e.mail, or contact Coach CJ, to get the Zoom link for the Age Group practices. The link has been redacted from this news article since the article is accessible to the public.*****



  • Tuesday 4.21.2020:  All of our groups will play a dryland game using a red solo cup, so bring one if you have it.  If you don’t have one, please don’t stress.  Come to practice prepared to do dryland.  We will watch a video on the racing start progression, and practice a dryland activity that you can do at home to improve your starts.  We will wrap up with an activity to improve pre-race concentration - this is a skill that must be practiced repeatedly for it to be effective in a high stress race situation.   

    1. Bronze 1/2 , 10&under Waves: 6-6:40 PM

    2. Silver 1/2 , 11-12 Waves: 6:45-7:25 PM

    3. Gold 1, 13-14 Waves: 7:30-8:10 PM

    4. Gold 2: 8:15-8:55 PM

  • Thursday 4.23.2020 : We will play a dryland game with a deck of cards.  If you have a deck, bring it… if you don’t, don’t sweat it!   Come prepared to do dryland.  We will watch some videos on streamlines and body position.  We will wrap up with an activity that is intended to help each athlete identify their strengths.  You will need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil (your journal would be a great place to do this activity!)

    1. Bronze 1/2 , 10&under Waves: 6-6:40 PM

    2. Silver 1/2 , 11-12 Waves: 6:45-7:25 PM

    3. Gold 1, 13-14 Waves: 7:30-8:10 PM

    4. Gold 2: 8:15-8:55 PM

Journal Prompts:

  • Gratitude is being thankful for the opportunity vs. dwelling on the threat.   What are you grateful for today?

  • How can I use bad experiences to grow?  Think of a specific bad experience or circumstance. You cannot change this experience, and you likely didn’t have a lot of control over it. There is a silver lining in every situation, you just have to look for it. How can you use bad experiences as an opportunity for growth?

  • What makes me happiest in my life right now?  Take a few deep breaths to pull yourself into the present moment. What things in your life are making you happiest RIGHT NOW? Include simple pleasures, favorite things, and people you love.


Last week in review:

Thanks for a great parent meeting on Wednesday using Zoom.  We will be moving forward with virtual swim practices that focus on four main aspects:

  • Community - Provide a forum for athletes to connect with one another and with their coaches.

  • Dryland - Building Strength, Mobility, and Balance

  • Swimming Technique - Watching videos to learn and visualize proper techniques

  • Mindset - Activities to develop a growth mindset with an emphasis on improving athlete confidence and concentration. All athletes are encouraged to start (or continue) journaling as a means to document this experience.

Age Groupers had their first practice on Thursday night.  It was a ton of fun to see everyone, and the athletes seemed to be excited to be back “together”.  Our focus for Thursday was to talk about how our attitude is going to be a major factor in how well we ride through this.  We used the example of Michael Phelps having his goggles leak in the 200 Fly at the 2008 Beijing Olympics - and he had been prepared because apparently his coach used to sabotage his goggles when he was an age grouper (and I promise, we aren’t going to start breaking goggles!).  We considered the question, Is this the worst thing to ever happen to you?”  --or— Is this an opportunity to grow as an individual or an athlete.”   We are going to work together as a team to turn this into a challenge instead of a catastrophe.


Last week's Journal Prompts:   (Please note, these are totally optional… you don’t have to do them all, you can draw a picture, make some short notes, or write a story.  This is intended to be fun and positive)

  1. Positive planning- consider what you are looking forward to this month, and what you can do to help you be more successful when we get back to the pool.

  2. Positive Reflection- let’s reflect back on the 2019-20 season. It’s easy to remember the disappointment of missing the JO meet, and canceling the banquet. Before all that- we had an amazing season! Reflect on your achievements, time drops, and friendships... remember all the good stuff!

  3. Is Quarantine a Challenge or Catastrophe?    What is one really awesome thing that you have experienced while being stuck at home?