Financial Assistance for Teams

Below is the approved Proposal that will go into effect immediately to help out any USA Swimming member team in the South Texas LSC that needs financial assistance. Please read carefully before requesting assistance.

Governance Committee Proposal – Amended and Passed by BOD

South Texas Swimming will rebate South Texas USA Swimming member clubs based on their athlete and coach membership numbers with USA Swimming as of March 16, 2020 plus $25 ($20.00 per registered premium year-round members, $10 for registered Flex-members, $2 for registered Outreach members, $15 for Coach members of USA Swimming, Inc).  Unattached members are not eligible. Clubs can request this payment by sending an email to the LSC (or completing a form, if utilized) and indicating the payment details (payee and mailing address). Generally, South Texas Swimming USA Swimming Member clubs must apply for assistance based on club code, not on individual sites.  Multi-site/multi-organization clubs must manage the apportionment of application, assistance and payment internally.  With guidance from the Finance Committee, the South Texas Swimming Treasurer will make reasonable accommodations (e.g. mailing separate checks) where practical. The deadline to apply for this rebate is July 31, 2020. For teams receiving assistance who have balance due accounts with STSI, the assistance will first be applied to their open balance, and the remainder distributed to the team. All clubs receiving a rebate must complete at least sections 1, 3, and 4 of the requirements for the club's Safe Sport certification by August 1, 2020 and provide documentation of completion. Any club that fails to do so will be required to REPAY the total assistance amount prior to renewing registration of club, coaches, or athletes for 2021.

Require that all applying clubs certify the following in writing:

1.     The club intends to remain in operation with a similar size program in 2020-2021 season (registration in Fall 2020).
2.     The funds will be used to retain staff and facilities to support future USA-S programming.
3.     The club must provide acknowledgment that they APPLIED for (or are ineligible for) the U.S. Small Business Administration  Paycheck Protection Program assistance from the Government.  A copy of their financials or their application is NOT required, but rather some acknowledgement. 
Use the google form link to apply for assistance:
Any questions please contact the South Texas Office.