ECA Dryland Challenge and NCS Quaranteam Challenge

ECA Dryland Challenge

Starting today, Monday, April 20, ECA will begin tracking dryland activities and participation for our swimmers.  We will have a 6-week competition ending at the end of May.  Dryland activities will be tracked on an individual basis with points awarded in the following ways:

Dryland Point System:

  • Participation: 1 point for submitting for the day.
  • 1 point per 10 minutes of high intensity exercise – (example submission: one of Coach Scott’s dryland videos is 3 points, plus a 30-minute run is 3 points, plus 1 point just for submitting for a total of 7 points for the day)
  • 1 point for 30 minutes of low intensity exercise like walking or stretching (max 2 points per day)
  • ½ point for Breathing Technique (Senior Group)
  • Bonus points:  Swimmers can earn up to 2 bonus points per week for posting photos of themselves performing exercises and sharing on ECA’s Instagram or Facebook.  If swimmers do not have social media, they can send photos to to post for them.

Use this link to track performance daily: ECA Dryland Performance Tracking

We will post the leading point earners at the end of each week on our website.  Performance tracking is based on the honor system.  ECA will provide some TYR swag for the winners of the 6-week challenge in each age group: 10u, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18, and Masters.

NCS Quaranteam Challenge

NC Swimming is holding a challenge for each team to encourage participation in dryland activites.  Results are based on performance on a test set.  To participate, swimmers will need to provide a video of themselves performing the test set by the dates specified.  Videos will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder linked below.  The head site coaches will be the only ones that can access the videos.  We will evaluate the technique and submit the results to NC Swim every 2 weeks. 

Test set submission folder

6-Week Challenge               

  1. Week 1 (April 20) - practice week. 
  2. Week 2 (April 27) - test set week.  Submit test set video by April 29.
  3. Week 3 (May 4) - practice week. 
  4. Week 4 (May 11) - test set week.  Submit test set video by May 13. 
  5. Week 5 (May 18) - practice week. 
  6. Week 6 (May 25) - test set week.  Submit test set video by May 27. 

Winners will be announced June 1.  Leaderboards will be posted and updated on the NC Swim every 2 weeks. 

Test Set (straight through, for time)

Number of reps based on age group: