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Spartans receive university scholarships!


The Spartan Swim Club would like to congratulate the following Spartan’s on their Swim Scholarship acceptance to University. This year we are pleased to announce that Haley Klenk, Myles Wheeler, Sheigh Gaudette, Logan Sparks and Mervin Jerodico will all be attending different Universities throughout Canada and the USA for schooling and swimming. We have been fortunate enough to have all these great swimmers, including others not mentioned move through our program at the same time. As a coach it has been very rewarding to see these athletes develop in our system and move onto Post Secondary programs. Knowing the kind of work they have all put in, it is nice to see these kids be rewarded. I am confident they will all be successful in their new swimming and schooling opportunities. 

-Head Coach, Justin Daly


Spartan swimmer of six years, Haley Klenk, has committed to continue her athletic and academic career at the University of Toronto. She is enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences where she will be studying Law, Ethics and Society in hopes to pursue a career in law.  Haley has trained the last four years under Justin Daly who coached her to the senior national level. Klenk will continue her swimming career under Byron MacDonald who is the current coach of 2016 Olympic medalist, Kylie Masse, and is one of Canada’s most decorated university coaches. Haley will have access to a top-tier Olympic sized pool, training, recovery and competition space while swimming for the Varsity Blues. 

-Haley Klenk


Myles Wheeler is accepting a swimming and academic scholarship for the University of Calgary. Next year he will start his journey towards a bachelor of science as he studies in the Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology Honours program. He hopes to use the knowledge earned in this program to continue on to med-school and one day specialize to become an anaesthesiologist. Here in this program he will have access to state of the art labs, lecture halls and learning techniques to best grow as a scholar. The University of Calgary also boasts an impressive fifteen Usport men’s titles. Myles hopes to make an immediate impact for the team and build on the university’s most recent placement of third at Usport championships. He is excited to progress in the classroom next year working with world class professors as well as in the pool with the 2019 winner of Usport coach of the year, Mike Blondal.

-Myles Wheeler


Sheigh Gaudette has received a scholarship to swim for New Mexico State University and She couldn't be more excited. Sheigh will be adding to the teams breaststroke group and is hoping to qualify for WAC championships during her swim career with this team. Sheigh is looking forward to not only be on the swim team but also being part of the school and to see what the kinesiology program has in store for her. The team and the school is a perfect fit for Sheigh and she cannot wait to pursue her goals with New Mexico State University.

-Sheigh Gaudette



Logan Sparkes has accepted a scholarship to swim for the DalHousie Tigers. “I am excited to continue my swimming career with the Tigers and pursue a path in the Bachelor of Science program.” Logan will be adding to the teams distance freestyle group and is qualified to help the team at USport Championships. DalHousie is situated right beside Halifax and a small drive from the ocean. Dalhousie is one of Canada's oldest universities, being established in 1808. It is home to one of the world’s leading marine biology labs, and has bundles of well established student culture. Logan can’t wait to get his new journey started on the other side of the country. 

-Logan Sparkes 



Mervin Jerodico has not yet finalized the conditions of his scholarship but plans on attending the University of Alberta. UOA has a long history of being a top academic institute and has a fantastic swimming program. Mervin will be starting with General studies and he will be providing the swim team as a top notch Breaststroker! 

-Mervin Jerodico 


Congratulations again to all the success our Spartan athletes have obtained. We wish you all the best of luck in your post-secondary endeavors!