Missing You Already
Dear Waterdevils,
It is with great sadness that we find ourselves without a swim season this year! Due to the corona virus, the Marin Swim League has cancelled the season and therefore we are not permitted to even continue with Devil Dryland Workouts (an insurance issue). We are so missing hanging out on the pool deck, playing music, teaching swimming, and just having a fun time with all of you. For some this would have been your first season as a Waterdevil, and for others it would have been the celebration of a lifetime of being a Waterdevil (more on that celebration in the future). We are so sorry that none of you are getting to enjoy the excitement of a Waterdevils swim season. Last weekend would have been Time Trials and in another week we would have started meets against all our friends and rivals across the county. The parent party would have been just around the corner, then we would have started our planning for the always exciting Lucas Valley Swim Meet. Quickly after that we would have Champs and our annual Awards Ceremony to cap off another great season.
Those are tough memories to give up on, but we know it is more important to focus on the health of our community at this time. So, in the meantime, please stay positive and active. Remember that being a true Waterdevil is far more than just being a swimmer, it is about being a good teammate, a strong member of your community, and above all it's being the best person that you can be. We will all get through this together and when it does end we will be a stronger Waterdevil family because we have looked out for each other even when we didn't have swimming. We hope to see you all next season, if not before, in the "Wood".
GO DEVILS on three: 1, 2, 3: GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!
Your Coaches,
Chris, Kent, Barb and Payton