Update On Will Heaney's Aunt/ Cousin


As you may remember a few weeks back, I sent an email from Will Heaney's mom asking for prayers for her sister and neice who are both fighting this virus. I wanted to be sure to share the latest update with everyone. 

Update on my sister, Adrienne:
On Holy Thursday, my sister woke up! On Saturday night, she was extubated!!
She is now in rehab but is still slowly mending. She is literally an Easter miracle! Her doctor is still amazed that she woke up. We are so blessed!

Her daughter, my niece, is still ill from the coronavirus, however, and is now in the hospital. Her name is Adrienne Marie Mahoney.  She has a clot at the base of her brain. The situation is serious, so she needs prayers.

Thank you for remembering my sister Adrienne and if you would please add her daughter to your prayer lists.

Will is missing  swimming and seeing all of the LBA family. Me too.

Be well,
Juliette Fernan, Will Heaney’s mom