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Team Email 4-21-20

Hi all! Hope that all is going well in your house and let’s hope the weather starts to turn soon!

A few informational points:

Registration Updates:
All age group swimmers and 14U polo athletes who have registered for summer programming have been invoiced for May.

This is our first time with monthly billing so if you log into your account and see an error or if you have questions, please nicely email the Business Manager Kristen Tanakatsubo.

If you have not participated in a dryland session yet – please contact your lead coach to get started – they’re really quite fun and we take a lot of security precautions.

18U Water Polo athletes and any senior athletes attached to spring HS sports will have the opportunity to register and participate upon clarification of the end of season from the IHSA. This will be communicated in a separate email.

Masters athletes will have programming beginning May 1 – we will have separate communication regarding that as well.

Dryland Programming
Please understand that your athletes are participating at their own risk as we cannot possibly rescue an athlete virtually. Please make sure you have awareness of where they are working out and are available in the event of an emergency. None of the movements are dangerous but you never know with kids sometimes. Parents are also welcome to participate – but we’re not going to correct your form…

Please make sure that when your athlete enters the Zoom room that the name of their device/computer is their name. We will not admit athletes with generic device names

For more information on our dryland programming – please watch the YouTube session with Dr. Brian Cunningham and Coach Josh.

Social Media
Our next team challenge is going to be a talent search! Show us your talents in 10-30s clips and we’ll make an Instagram post or five with all the mad skills our team has – whether it’s knitting or cello or playing a banjo while jumping on a trampoline – we want to see what our athletes are doing outside the pool. Send your clip to Coach Alexis via email or whatsapp. Mp4 format preferred but I can convert things.

Coach Greg is going to be starting up Swimming 102 – current impact aquatics athletes – if you’d like to get your athlete involved in a little swimming related history – please reach out to Coach Greg!

Upcoming Events
Farewell to Coach Matt Zachan on Friday, April 24th. CLICK HERE for more info (you will need to log into to view the event)

Virtual Team Banquet Saturday, May 9th at 1p - More information shortly! Just because the season was short doesn't mean we can't celebrate a little bit! 

Online Opportunities to help the team!
Ever want to become an official? Online training is now available – you can check it out here on the Illinois Swimming website and our Officials VP Marcia Srivastava is available for questions.

Safe Sport certification! In order to get safe sport recognition – we have to have 10% of all parents and 10% of all athletes over 12 to have taken the safe sport courses online. Right now we have 6.3% of parents and 2.9% of athletes – so we have some work to do! Help us out – classes take about 20-30 minutes and are free!

Safe Sport for Athletes
Safe Sport for Parents

And Lastly – if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to NTA which will help us to continue programming and support our coaching staff through this uncertain period of undetermined length – please let us know. While we have made extraordinary efforts to continue programming, there are obvious constraints and stress put on the program at this time.