Letter to membership re: May dues

Dear Neptune families,


     We hope this email finds you all healthy and doing well, under the circumstances.  The coaching staff misses everyone greatly and we look forward to the day we can all meet again to swim.  Our staff truly appreciates the support that has been shown to our organization over this past month.  

We wish at this time we had some concrete dates, plans and could communicate with you on how we’re going to get our swim lives back up and running, but we don’t.   We anticipate that we will not be swimming in May.  We are currently waiting (like all of you) for the county of Sonoma to lift the shelter in place and for the city of Santa Rosa to give us the guidelines we need to adhere to in order for the pools to open up.  When we learn more information, we will pass it along to you all.

On the financial side of this organization, we have a nice reserve in the bank and are currently working on securing the PPP loan from the SBA.  We continue to pay the coaches and plan to continue doing this for as long as possible.  We’ve made the decision that May dues will be suspended for all accounts.  The option will remain open for any family that wishes to contribute financially to the team by paying a portion of the dues or the full amount.  If you are interested in paying some dues, please contact head coach Dan Greaves at and let him know. 

Take care of yourselves, exercise, eat well, enjoy the time with your families, and we will come back from this stronger than ever.   



Neptune Coaching Staff